"The war left its scars on all of us." - Captain Rex . Welcome, dear weekend! I missed you! :D I thought it was time for another Star Wars picture. Last december I had a great photoshooting with YOKAE Pictures wearing my Nightsister, Darth Kaleen! The weather was hell, it was raining almost non-stop, but we pulled through and she managed to take some awesome shots. <3 Here's another proof of her skills! Funfact: We tried out this pose and the first sentence that came to our minds was from the Deadpool movie: "She's gonna do a superhero landing! Wait for it! Superhero landing!"😂💪 . Next picture: what would you like to see? Shooting picture of Azula or Barbie or rather some progress on Belle? :) . Photo and edit by @yokaepictures Location: Ingolstadt Cosplay made and worn by me~ @Celia_Cosplay Character: Star Wars Own Creation "Darth Kaleen" Lightsaber by Vader's Vault Coat by Dark Dreams Used make up: Kiomi Aquacolor (@myCostumes) .


Thanks for all your support! Hope you enjoy your purchases! Stay tuned more lines being added tomorrow!!!

My new favorite Star Wars shirt thrift find 😁 . Got this rad shirt yesterday at the Salvation Army for $2 (was originally $5, but they were doing student discount so yay for my wallet, lol) . Along with the shirt, I’m rocking some Boba socks and my green septum ring (I match my septum jewelry to my outfits when I can, people think it’s hilarious) .

“You will turn to the dark side!” Cool story, bro 😂 Kylo gets so angry when you laugh/aren’t intimidated. It’s probably one of my favorite Disney meet & greets 😊 Also, who else is super excited that this year we get both Episode IX AND Galaxy’s Edge. 2019 is the year of Star Wars everything, and I’m so here for it 💛🙌🏻🖤

Star Wars Night at Staples with my babe. He loves the Kings, I love the Pens but our love for all things Star Wars unites our galaxies! 😂 Such a blast!

While chillin at the Plymouth Ice Festival (ha, get it, CHILLIN 🥶) my parents took me to the local comic store, Blast to the Past Collectibles, and got me these AMAZING things!!! . While I am saving up for Star Wars Celebration, we literally got all this stuff for under $12 😱 (minus my Jango Fett comic, I preordered that at my local store, I just wanted to show you how pretty it is) . I thank the thrifting gods that everyone thinks Prequels merch is worthless so I can get it on my broke ass college student budget 🙏 . Also, enjoy some pics of my Sith and Jedi pups in their natural habitat, my unmade bed 😁 Even their collars match my decor, that’s how neurotic I am, lol 😆 .

Ich werde oft von euch nach meinen Lieblingsfandoms gefragt. 🙂 Mein absolutes Lieblingsfandom ist Moment Star Wars. 😍⭐ Ich freue mich so sehr auf Episode 9 und kann es kaum erwarten, dass endlich der Titel des Films verkündet wird und wir erste Teaser bekommen. Ich glaube, dann drehe ich durch! 🤣 Welche Fandoms sind aktuell eure Lieblingsfandoms?

🔽Do you like Qi'ra? Well, I don't. The reason is so simple: although she's a great character, I don't like her personality.😅😑 Qi'ra is one of the new characters in the Star Wars saga. They were brought her in it with Solo: A Star Wars story with Dryden Vos, Beckett and so on.👤 She spent her childhood with Han so that's the reason why Han liked her. But I think she didn't deserve it and because of her Han lost his trust in the women for a time. She's smart enough to make things go as she want and brave enough to reach her aims. Her realitionship with Darth Maul is interesting anyway...👥 I said I didn't like her but I have one favourite moment: (SPOILERS!👐) -when she met Han again at Dryden Vos' suite. And lastly, a theory. Some people said the she and Han are Rey's parents. What a load of rubbish! It can't happen. Those people said when Han and Leia put Ben in to train with Luke, they lost connection with each other for a while and Han went back to Qi'ra. That's unbelievable and a stupid thing. In the book Bloodline - which is CANON❕ - Claudia Grey wrote that they kept in touch, however, they didn't met a lot.🙅