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    How to get a Patent – The Essential Steps

    No one can claim full ownership of an idea, a product, a process, a composition etc until it is patented. Your invention can only be fully protected through patent application. The US Patent and Trademark Office is tasked with the responsibility of giving inventors patents to their property. However, inventors placing their applications for patents are advised not to use terms like “patented” or ”patent pending” before making their applications or before being approved. This is because using such terms is against the federal law.

    However, most inventors have stayed long with their new ides just because they do not know how to get a patent. Getting patents courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office requires special legal knowhow. If you find it a bit technical and complicated to seek for a patent single-handedly, employ the services of a reputable patent attorney to help you through. This article will cover vital steps on how to get a patent.

    To begin with, in your search for a patent, you will have to pay a visit to a United States Patent and Trademark Office’s local branch. If you find this inconveniencing, you can as well find a vast pull of patent information as well as the relevant forms posted on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    After finding relevant information, the next step is preparing a proposal of your idea/invention that is comprehensive with all the necessary details. The proposal should be fully descriptive of the invention. It must also contain descriptions that are specific in English including detailed drawings. The next vital step is the preparation and execution of a short declaration that your invention is original and doesn’t infringe existing patents.

    After coming up with the relevant copies as well as following set instructions, it is at this point that proposal and declaration submission takes place. The two documents are submitted to the United States Director at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s local branch. You can also submit the documents online. When submitting, inventors have to bill for filing fees which is meant for searching and examining the proposal.

    If objections as well as modification requests are presented by the United States and Trademark Office, you have to respond without delay. Obtaining patents through this office is a process that has seen people giving up on the way. However, the length of time it takes to acquire the patent is dependent upon the contents of your proposal.

    If the contents of the proposal are accurate and raise neither objections nor modification requests, the process takes averagely eighteen months for the inventor to acquire the patent. This means that the inventor has to be extra careful when coming up with the proposal because if objections and modification requests arise, an inventor can have it rough waiting for the patent.

    After obtaining the patent, the inventor pays for maintenance fee. These fees are paid at a 3-4 year interval following the date the patent was granted. This should not worry you much because there is a grace period of six months to settle the fees. Renewal of patent is a must prior to expiry date. Patents have a life of up to twenty years, but design patents have a shorter life period of fourteen years. You now know how to get a patent, go ahead and patent your invention.

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    Lawn Tractor Accessories

    Show of hands, tell me if you love your lawn tractor, and your lawn tractor accessories?

    But in the chance that you do not, is it possible you don’t have the correct lawn tractor accessories for the application you had intended it for?

    Lawn Tractor Accessories – There are Many

    You may have a blade, snow blower, tiller, scoop, multiple hitch assembly for trailers or other lawn tractor accessories. You may have lawn mowers and vacuums and debris catchers, an enclosed poly cab, etc.

    There are hundreds of different kind of accessories you can apply to your personal lawn tractor.

    And for those of you who have garden tractor to perform other grass grooming, I strongly suggest a pair of lawn tractor tire chains. Since most models of yard tractor were designed to function on a grassy surface without disrupting your lawn, the wide set tires with their specially-created treads do not work the best in many other applications such as wet grass, mud, snow and/or ice.

    And with a simple pair of tire chains, you can operate your tractor free of worry, compared to when you are operating on less than designated surfaces.

    It only takes a simple 5 to 20 minutes to apply your chains to the drive tires and prevent your tires from spinning. This will also prevent any possible rutting and wearing of your operating surface.

    Look for Quick-Hitch Lawn Tractor Accessories

    When shopping for your lawn tractor accessories, my best suggestion would be to start with a tractor that meets your desired needs that will be easy and reliable to use.

    Sometimes it can be frustrating to add and remove lawn tractor accessories. Fortunately, there are a lot of reputable online shops, such as the Trailer hitch@landroverbar, where you can buy quick hitch or a trailer hitch and the choice is big.

    Of course, today there are many new quick lock, or quick hitch, designs that will remove much of the frustration. These quick hitch designs can make adding and removing any lawn tractor accessories a breeze.

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    Selling a House

    Successful property selling is mainly about good presentation and promotion. Property agents in Macon are always telling us that “location, location, location” is all important, but the house you want to sell, is where it is, and you have to make the most of it. Find its good points and make it stand out from the rest. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression with a potential buyer so make sure it’s a good one.

    You may have outgrown your current home or just want something different. Perhaps you are trading up to a bigger property or better area; or maybe your job requires you to move?

    Whatever the reason, selling your house in Macon is straightforward enough, but it does need to be thought through. Unless you need to sell very quickly – if your job relocates suddenly for instance – you should take the time to plan the sale. In any situation where you are having to sell quickly, you will be working at a bit of a disadvantage.

    A forced sale, for whatever reason, poses constraints on you, the seller, which may well result in you having to sell at a lower price than your house is worth, just to secure a quick sale. But, fortunately there are some really good home buying companies in Macon that will sell your house fast for the best possible price and they will even cover the closing costs, saving your time and money in the process.

    The easiest way to find home buying companies in Macon, GA is to search online. A simple search on the internet, for example type something like “cash for houses Macon” and you will be presented with several reputable companies you can compare and choose the one that suits your situation the most.

    If you have no urgent time limits on when you move, take the time to look into what you really want from a new home, and consider the full financial implications.

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    The Prestige City in Bangalore

    Prestige City is one of the most sought-after places to live in Bangalore. The city is located near ITPL and close to schools, colleges, and various other amenities. It provides amazing connectivity with both national highways and railways station. Prestige City has everything you would love about home – spacious apartments, lush green surroundings, an inviting clubhouse, appealing ambiance for children’s play areas, and more.

    The city’s civic amenities are accessible through railway stations, bus stands, and other locations within close proximity to this project. There are schools, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment options located nearby, and lush green spaces all around. There are also shopping malls near The Prestige City project where one can find everything they need for day-to-day living requirements.

    There are many housing options available here that have been designed to provide luxury within budget. There are 2BHK and 3 BHK flats and penthouse apartments that range from the size of 970 square feet to 3,700 square feet. The features of these apartments include high-speed elevators, landscaped gardens with water bodies, CCTVs, and a backup power supply, among others. There is also a Prestige City Villa complex with different types of villas, such as 3 BHK and 4 BHK luxury villas.

    The Prestige City is a residential project which has been planned and developed by The Prestige Group. It offers various facilities like an indoor facility for badminton/basketball, swimming pool, etc., yoga hall with health club and spa is also available here. A power substation is also built up for an uninterrupted power supply to every apartment in the project. One can enjoy luxury amidst nature’s beauty at this beautiful location.

    Prestige City Bangalore has a beautiful clubhouse for children where they can play and also learn new things. They have dedicated areas for playing badminton, skating, or even swimming. The Prestige Club has all modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, a restaurant, lounge bar, etc. Other amenities include a clubhouse, gymnasium, amphitheater, landscaped gardens with fountains and water bodies, etc.

    With the multiple benefits that Prestige City Bangalore provides, you should consider buying an apartment there immediately! It offers convenience to your lifestyle with excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. Also, the amenities provided in Prestige City Bangalore are excellent and provide a luxurious living experience.

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    The Many Benefits Of Residential Metal Roofs

    Residential metal roofs provide a wide range of benefits to Sydney homeowners looking to make significant and lasting improvements to their houses. Metal roofs can help add value to a home while reducing expenses. They look great, hold up to harsh conditions and will stand the test of time. Residential metal roofs are becoming increasingly more popular in Sydney as homeowners realize the vast potential that they have. Gone are the days of leaking roofs and repairs.

    One of the huge benefits to metal roofing is that it will lower your energy bill in the summer months, or any time of the year when it’s warm. That’s because the surface of a metal roof will reflect the sunlight that hits it, instead of absorbing that heat into the home. Some metal roofs will also re-emit that energy, producing even more substantial changes. The monthly savings on your cooling costs will be drastic, and it’s one way that the prices of metal roofs are offset. Even in the winter you can experience savings as snow and ice melt and slide off the roof, reducing the cooling effect of the wintry climate that you’re in.

    Another way is through the added value to your home’s reselling price. A high quality metal roof will add a great deal of value to your home, and it will help it to stand apart from competition on the market. Additionally, you may not have realized but in many areas you can get substantial reductions in your insurance prices as a result of a new metal roof. That’s because metal roofs can usually withstand winds in excess of 100 MPH, and are also protective against hail and other harsh weather. That lowers the risk of damage and correspondingly reduces your insurance bill.

    Standing up to the harsh elements of weather is one way in which these roofs will prove to be quite durable. They will help to protect the wooden structure of your home from rotting and damage, and will last for 50 or more years, meaning that you never have to worry about your roof ever again. That’s not just a great convenience, it’s also a fantastic relief and it means you can place your focus and efforts elsewhere. When you plan on staying in one home for your whole life, you’ll always be able to rely on that roof installation.

    Don’t forget you can find residential metal roofs that come in all colors and designs. If you have a picture in your mind about a dirty metal roof from an old movie, then you’re simply not thinking about the possibilities in the right way. You can get all colors, styles and textures, ensuring that you match the look and feel of your home, property and entire community. So, with all that said you are probably already looking for a metal roofing company in Sydney. Well look no more – Action Roofing company is the best roofing company in Sydney for metal roof installation, restoration and generally for all roofing need as you can see from the numerous repaired metal roofs in Sydney they have worked on.

    As a homeowner you can make upgrades and improvements to your house that will pay dividends for you in the future. One of the best options at your disposal is new roofing in the form of residential metal roofs. They do everything from lower your energy bill to improve the durability of your house and raise your home’s resale value, ensuring that you get what you pay for and then some.

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    Sheet Metal Fabricators

    Sheet metal is a flexible and very thin metal product. Its use is limited only by our imagination. Sheet metal is found on agricultural equipment such as belly dumps and loading bodies. It is used extensively in the manufacturing sector for items such a belt and chain guards, protective covers and conveyer parts. Fabrication of sheet metal products is achieved in a number of ways including laser cutting, press brake forming, punching, welding and shearing.

    The deciding factor on which technique to use is the application for which the sheet metal is to be employed. Often a project will consist of laser cutting a piece which will then be press brake formed and then welded.

    As limitless as the uses of fabrication sheet metal are there are also innumerable methods of fabrication required to support those various uses. Whatever the method used to create the finished piece it will have to stand up to rigorous durability and accuracy quality checks before being sent on to the installation team.

    If you keep sheet metal fabrication in mind as you look around you will begin to realize that sheet metal fabrication is integral to many parts of the world around us, from home construction to transportation, recreation, and other manufacturing facilities.

    When you are in need of quality sheet metal fabricators consider Arktek Industries company. They are experts in all types of welding, from metal fabrication, steel fabrication, to plasma CNC cutter services, they are well known in the industry and will provide exceptional work at reasonable prices.

  • Plotter Repair mkhjn

    What is a plotter?

    In short, plotter was an old term coined for those printers which utilized special plotter pens to plot color onto paper. They were quite popular/mainstream with SME’s in the 1980s, being the first printer which could print in color, although according to Wikipedia they were around long before this.

    The plotter pens themselves used to physically move around on the paper, drawing continuous lines, point to point. They were predominently used by the building related industries in Dubai for architectural plans/engineering drawings etc but there were small plotters available for office use as well (the build size of these were approximately the size of a normal HP Deskjet today). Plotting however was laboriously slow compared to printing expectations today – typically you’d have to wait 5 minutes or so for a small A4 plot.

    Plotter Repair mkhjn

    The term “plotter” stuck because the pens were essentially plotting across the paper to make the print. However, the word “plotter” is no longer used by HP today as their machines no longer print in the same way that they used to (due to a change in technology and printer design). For example, rather than pens drawing across the page, the current Designjets essentially release droplets of ink onto the page instead.

    As anything, these Designjets or plotters tend to brake from time to time. But fortunately when the problems occur you can rely on numerous plotter repair services and plotter maintenance in Dubai.

    HP now prefer to go by the name of “Designjets” and “large format” printers – but they also get called “wide format” printers within the printing industry too. Essentially when people talk about plotters they’re not talking about the small Laserjets found in most offices, but just those printers which print the larger A3/A2/A1/A0 size prints and – in short – anything with “HP Designjet” in front of the name (if you’re analysing HP products).

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    What is the process to receive a U.S. patent?

    First, a patent application must be filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application must contain a full and adequate written description of the invention as well as any drawings necessary to understand the invention. The patent will include a number of claims which clearly specifies what the invention is.

    The disclosure must be sufficient so that another person who is skilled in that particular technical field can create the invention based on that disclosure. This is the trade-off to receive a U.S. Patent. In exchange for the temporary monopoly, you must tell the world what the invention is and how to make it.

    How do I find out if I can receive a patent on my idea?

    The first thing to do is to give a full disclosure of your idea to your patent attorney. The more information, the better. Based on this information, you and your patent agency, such as InventHelp, can decide whether the idea has what it takes to become a patent. Before writing a patent application, it is a VERY good idea to do a search of Patent Office records to see if someone else has already claimed the idea.

    A patent search is an inexpensive way to determine if a patent application is a good idea, or if it would be a waste of money. After a patent search is done, you should discuss the results with your patent agency. You should be able to determine whether you might receive a patent based on the results and you will get support from Invent Help all the way.

    How long does the patent process take?

    It’s difficult to say, except that it will be at least a year. The Patent Examiner has up to 14 months to respond to your application after it is submitted. Sometimes the Examiner responds more quickly, but don’t plan on it. However, you are “Patent Pending” as soon as the application is filed.

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    What do you do when you have the next great idea?

    The invention could change the way people do things and impact the world. Getting a patent for your invention will protect your idea. Some people choose to hire a patent lawyer in order to help them through the process of getting a patent for their invention, because the process can be complicated.

    Although complicated if you choose to pursue a patent on your own, here are a few basics and how to patent your invention to get you started.The first thing you need to do is determine whether your invention is marketable. Assuming that it is, you’ll want to complete a patent search to make sure that a patent does not already exist.. You can complete a search on the website for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Then you should determine if the invention is patent-worthy.

    There are several different types of patents and its important to know which one to file. Utility patents are for machines or mechanical processes. Design patents cover a new design for a manufactured item. Finally a plant patent may be granted for a person who invents, discovers or reproduces a new variety of plant. You will need to record specific information about your idea for the patent examiner. This is where a patent lawyer or a patent agency, such as Invent Help might be a big help for you can process the paperwork yourself. Write down a thorough description of your invention, with drawings if applicable.

    It is also imperative that you have evidence of the earliest date you conceived of this invention, if someone else submits for a patent at the same time, this proof would be the deciding factor on who gets the patent. Once your application is filed, it will be assigned and directed to a patent examiner for analysis. This process typically takes a year or more from the filing date. The examiner will do an independent search for existing patents.

    If they find something they consider is similar to your invention; they may reject the patent application. If you have a patent attorney they can issue a reply to have the case considered again, or you can do so on your own. Multiple rejections are not unusual and at some point you can schedule an in-person interview to discuss the patent application.

    This is an overview of the things that you need to plan for to successfully get a patent for your invention. This should help you determine if you need help from professional company such as InventHelp or want to go it alone. With some diligence and hard work, that patent for your invention will be rightfully yours in as little time as possible.

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    Brand Identity

    We think it’s important that the brand is controlled, developed and designed by the owner (or with the owners input) so that the brand is a true representation of the business and its products and services. However, you have to also consider the consumers’ view of the brand, which is really your end users perception, or their idea of what the brand actually means to them.

    For example, if we say “Coca-Cola” you immediately have a picture of the Coca-Cola brand, how they have marketed that brand (perhaps a product label) and/or their logo. This is what we mean by the consumers view or image of the brand.

    Each brand, like a person, already has a personality or will develop a personality. Brand identity is like the visual DNA of the product or service in the brain of the person who is connected to it or on the receiving end of the brand. With this kind of connection power, it is extremely important that the brand identity be kept consistent. That whoever distributes the brand should adhere to the guidelines so that the brand has consistency whether it is used on letter head, a business card or on the side of a bus.

    A Quick Tip

    If you haven’t recently asked for client feedback on your existing brand and its identity, now is the time! Getting honest feedback from real clients is worth its weight in gold. In our experience a great brand identity also communicates a lot of trust. Trust creates more conversions than any other tactic.

    Branding company can help you develop your corporate identity online and market to the right audience.

    Services that includes:

    • Brand Audits
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Collateral Refinements
    • Brand Development
    • Logo Development
    • Logo Refinements
    • Logo Creation and Delivery
    • Brand Marketing
    • Brand Reputation Management

    What it means:

    Corporate Branding

    Your brand is considered your overall corporate image.

    Brand Identity

    Your brand is who you are; the visual aspects of your brand are considered the identity part of your brand.


    The simple form of your brand identity, display visually as a mark or icon.

    The Nutshell:

    Incredibility strong brand identity is key to the success of your business.