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    Is a Blog Really Integral to the Success of My Business?

    It will be almost impossible to keep your business afloat in an online marketing world without the enormous benefits that blogging brings. For the purposes of this post, business blogging in particular will be discussed.

    What is business blogging?

    Business blogging is the act of creating short blocks of business related content, which are then posted to your businesses blog. It is essentially a marketing channel that helps support business growth.

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    Where do I start?

    First and foremost you will need a blogging platform. The most common is WordPress, however there are other options. Once you have downloaded your platform, familiarize yourself with its tools and functions, they are usually fairly simple to master, but shortcuts and tricks will be beneficial to post and your blog in its entirety. Next, ensure you have a list of keywords specific to your business, as these need to be incorporated into each post in order to optimize your SEO. Read more about keywords and how to understand more about SEO here.

    What are the key benefits of blogging?

    Helps drive traffic and convert this traffic to leads – Working through Google’s algorithms, blogging will generate more traffic to your site. This is because every time you post, you are creating one more indexed page to your website that is likely to show up on search results, driving traffic through organic results to your website. Put simply, more traffic equals more people visiting your page and learning about your business. Similarly, blogging will help your business get discovered via social media. This is only true if you share your content on such social sites, furthering the opportunity to get discovered.

    Provides results long term – Creating and updating a business blog will not deliver SEO results immediately. However, because of the longevity of the Internet, a blog post you created today will continue to drive traffic in months and years to come. People type something into Google and it will continue to show up in search results.

    Shows authority of business – Often when visiting a site without a blog, it is difficult to find the information you need. A blog on a business page is the spot where employees can post all the information that visiting potential customers want to know. Visitors expect a website to have a link to the businesses blog page, without one, we are often left questioning many elements of the business.

    Gives your potential customers background knowledge – Before choosing a new company to do business with, it is an instinctive human need to want to find out all we possibly can about that companies past. Who have they worked with previously? What sort of work can be expected of them? What sort of values and beliefs does the company have? Answers to these sorts of questions will determine how committed the company is to you and your business and is therefore very important. To find these answers, website visitors often will go straight to your blog.

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    A Quick Look at Onpage Optimization

    More often than not when you hear about SEO, the majority of what you hear centers around content marketing, and rightly so! The importance of content has been so often highlighted (natural, informative, lengthy, relevant, etc., etc., etc.,) each organisation would do well to implement these elements into their own content strategy.

    However, today we are looking at some of the more complex factors that go into optimizing a website. These are probably seen as a bit less interesting by many in the online marketing world, however, they are certainly no less important. Without proper onsite structure, your website will fail to rank no matter how fantastic its content marketing and link-building strategies are. If these are a bit too “tech-y” for you, you can hire a professional SEO company, such as Digitrio, to optimize your website and your content for higher rankings.

    Search Engine Optimization ftcser

    Developing Your Meta-Tag and Meta-Description

    When categorizing individual web pages, Google first looks at your title or meta-tag and meta-description. These are also what your prospective customers are going to look at when they see your page in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages – i.e.: Google). Therefore, you must ensure they are optimized and motivating. Include keywords but keep them natural.

    Similarly, keep these factors under their respective word-counts. That is, meta-titles should be under 70-words and meta-descriptions under 150-words.

    Utilizing Alt-Text in Images

    As they say, a picture says a thousand words. In the case of content marketing, this is perhaps not entirely true, however it is important to remember to include images in your articles and on your site. Just like humans, Google likes a good image or two. Image alt-text must be short and include keywords so as to assist with their optimization from Google.

    Optimizing Conversions with CTA’s

    Having thousands of potential leads or visitors accessing your site is all well and good, but if they cannot convert to customers, are they really that useful? Often, a simple CTA is all that it can take to convert your site visitors from leads to customers and so implementing one is a quick and relatively simple task for your web developer that could result in a huge spike in sales.

    Presenting Your Sitemap

    Search engines like when a site presents a site-map; it provides them with detailed information on the content of your site. Pages are indexed quicker and more thoroughly with the help of a site-map, therefore improving visibility of your site. A site-map can be crafted fairly simply using XML file, after it is made, it can be submitted.

    Quality User Experience

    Of course, a site that is difficult to use or navigate can have a detrimental affect on your ranking. Ensure your site is well mapped, attractive, easy-to-use, loads quickly, and is optimized to mobile is going to appealing to Google and therefore result in positive outcomes for you.

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    Patent Novelty Filing Deadlines in Europe, Canada and the United States

    Every patent attorney informs their clients about the filing deadlines for patent applications on a regular basis. These deadlines are complicated because they differ by country.

    If an inventor violates confidentiality by showing the invention to someone who is not bound by confidentiality, the inventor will lose his or her right to obtain a patent in Europe. Only in exchange for the disclosure of a secret do the Europeans grant a patent.

    If someone else discovers the secret in Canada, it is too late to file a patent, just as it is in Europe. However, in a unique Canadian arrangement, if the inventor or someone who learned of the invention from the inventor discloses the secret to someone on a nonconfidential basis, i.e. makes the invention available to the public in any way, a one-year grace period for filing an application will begin as explained on https://techpresident.com/inventhelp-patent-attorneys-can-help-your-business/.

    For example, if a product incorporating a previously confidential invention was shipped as a surprise to a customer on November 29, 2005, November 29, 2006 will mark the first time that someone outside the inventor’s circle of confidence had access to the invention. As a result, an application filed in Canada before or on November 29, 2006 will be considered timely in Canada.

    What happens in Canada, or anywhere else outside the United States for that matter, does not count in the United States under current law (which could change in the next two or so years). The description of the invention in a printed publication is the only worldwide disclosure that counts in the United States. (Electronic publications are now included in the definition of “printed publication.”) This marks the beginning of a one-year window for filing an application in the United States. If the invention is offered for sale or used publicly in the United States, the same one-year deadline applies. As a result, activities in Canada that are not reduced to a printed/electronic publication have no bearing on the patentability of an invention.

    It is important to note, however, that under US law, it makes no difference who discloses the invention through a printed publication anywhere in the world, or through an offer for sale or public use in the US. Once this occurs, a one-year deadline for filing an application in the United States is established.

    Of course, the applicant inventor must be the first inventor under US law. As a result, if someone else invents the same invention before you, you won’t be able to get a patent once the truth is revealed. And, if the other inventor is not a true first inventor, but publishes the invention in any of the above-mentioned ways, it will be considered a true first inventor after a year.

    That is my latest attempt to summarize the facts. It’s not easy to understand on a first reading. Nor is it easy to ride a bicycle the first time you try. But once you know how, it is easy. You can continue reading on https://glamourbuff.com/business/patent-service-inventhelp/.

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    Why Do You Need an Attorney for Patent Process?

    The fact is that there are countless reasons that you do. In many cases, having an attorney working with you can help you to get through the process faster, more efficiently and believe it or not, without having to pay nearly as much.

    How can you save money by working with a patent attorney? It’s simple. The fact is that you are likely going to make costly mistakes trying to interpret patent law on your own. You’ll also probably go through the application process several times, being rejected by the United States Patent and Trade Office. That is not to mention the time that you waste (time is money right?) during this whole search.

    Once the results from the search come back, he or she should also help you to find solutions to your needs regarding that patent. In addition, they will be there to work with you through the process and offer you ideas, suggestions and knowledge about anything and everything that you want to know about it as explained in https://www.fingerlakes1.com/2022/02/08/how-to-patent-a-product-with-inventhelp/ article.

    Application Help

    While it sounds easy to actually fill out an application, remember that you are talking about the legal system here, which is often riddled with ifs, ands and buts. Work with them on this. A skilled attorney will be able to provide you with help in filling out and applying for the application of registration of your patent without doubt.

    In addition to doing so, insure that they will provide an accurate and unique description of your product. Find out what will be included and approve it. Don’t assume that they aren’t rushing through the process. A good attorney will pay close attention to the details.

    They should insure the application is complete and meets all of the necessary requirements. You should also insure that they have experience in providing this type of application for a patent.

    In fact, should the United States Patent and Trade Office have questions, your attorney should be able to easily handle them for you.

    Having legal help by your side is almost a necessary consideration when it comes to patent. It helps you to keep your experience positive and to stay out of trouble. It also just makes the process easier on you. Finding a qualified attorney that is a specialist in patent isn’t hard. Do research them, though, to find the best quality professional to work with. There are some good resources on https://californianewstimes.com/10-top-tips-to-find-the-best-patent-services-inventhelp/683574/.

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    How to Find Out What is a Patent

    You may be wondering the answer to this question, especially if you have a product that you have invented. In answer to what is a patent, a patent is a documentation that you get that protects your rights as the inventor of a specific product or item. If you are granted the patent to something, this means that you have the right the sell the item exclusively. If other people want to use part of your product for something else that they create, then they need to pay you a fee in order to do so as you can read from https://www.jpost.com/special-content/hire-inventhelp-experts-for-patent-services-694280.

    Aside from knowing what is a patent, another aspect you should learn about is how to get one. A patent is granted or issued by government agency called the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is the responsibility of the government agency to ensure that your patent is issued, protected and has been checked to verify that there are no existing patents that you may be in violation of.

    If you want to get a patent, you must fill out the corresponding paperwork. This may be quite tedious. Aside from this, your product or prototype must be ready.

    If you want to learn what is a patent and need more information on how to get one, you can visit the US Patent’s Office to learn more about it. Another thing you can do to find out what is a patent and how to get one is to talk to a patent’s attorney. This is a type of lawyer who specializes in Patents, especially if you need to sue someone for infringement of your patent’s rights.

    Learn more about what is a patent so you can protect yourself and your product. There are several resources you can check out to find out more about it. The Internet, such as this article – https://expressdigest.com/how-inventhelp-patent-service-is-the-best-option-for-you/, research books, the library and other professionals can be consulted to learn more.

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    National or International Patent Protection

    There are different options for protecting your invention with a patent. Patents are territorial. A national patent is enforceable only in your country and you will need to apply for foreign patents, should you require protection in other countries. The call for foreign patents depends on what type of invention you have made, potential export markets and whether you intend to retain or sell the patent. As with anything else, it is advisable to consult with professionals, such as InventHelp patent an idea agency, before starting out.

    If the invention is intended mainly for the national market, a national patent may suffice. Be aware then, that anyone may manufacture, sell or use your invention abroad.

    One alternative is to invest in an International or European application directly bypassing a National application route. This may be advantageous if, for example, you are certain that the main market of your invention is not domestic. An international application can result in protection in about 140 countries. Using a European application you can obtain protection in just over thirty countries in Europe.

    Another option is to file separate patent applications directly to the individual countries where you want a patent. This route is good if you know that your market is to be found in certain countries. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult patent invention InventHelp agency to compare the total cost with that of an international application.

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    Successful SEO Strategies

    In order for your business to be successful online, you have to have an SEO strategy. It is very important that your website and your marketing materials are targeted so that you can bring visitors to your site who will actually make a purchase. It helps to work with an SEO company, but even then, you have to know a little something about SEO yourself. It helps to start by understanding some of the key characteristics of SEO.

    There is this gross misconception today that SEO is dead. The SEO landscape is rapidly changing but it is now more alive than ever. The SEO strategies you used in 2013 are not as effective today as they were back then. If your online presence is the driving force behind your sales and profits, it is imperative that you evolve with the times or get left out in the cold. Search engine giants like Google are hard at work making sure that websites with shady backlinks, shabby content and awful design never rise in their ranks. Forking over money for the services of the best SEO company is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Below are some of the strategies that your SEO agency should employ if you really want to see your site ranking well.

    The Three Pillar Structure

    No matter what strategy your team decides to employ, they have to make sure that links, quality content and social media are at the very center of it. It has become clearer than ever that these 3 elements are fully interconnected today if you are to achieve successful SEO. The content you produce must be extremely focused at your audience if you are to elicit a positive action. The social media creates a relationship with your audience proving to the search engines that people value what you have to offer. Getting links that are coming from other highly ranked sites shows that you can be trusted.

    Mobile Optimization

    Now that there are Hummingbird updates from Google, if your strategy does not include mobile optimization, then your chances of ranking well are slim to none. The site will need to have a responsive design and the content on it must also be targeted at mobile users. Even without considering the search engines, from a business point of view, it is for your own benefit to be reachable via mobile devices. Two in every three Americans has a smartphone while one of these three has a tablet as well. The responsive design means that your site looks good on a majority of the different types of smartphones and tablets. Optimizing your content on the other hand means that you adjust it to the types of behaviors your specific audience has on their mobile device.

    Brand Building Over Link Building

    A lot of entrepreneurs focus so much attention on building links back to their site and forget about their brand. If your links are leading back to an unknown source, they are not too effective at improving your rank. Today, thanks to Google Authorship, if content is known to be coming from an author who keeps putting out good content, their brand gets better results on search engines. This means that before you begin back-linking, it is important to get your branding strategy in place first. This way each and every link will have a more powerful effect than 100 lukewarm links.

    These are just basic tips. You should look online for more detailed SEO concepts that are up to date for better understanding. When properly implemented, the above SEO strategies are sure to get your site ranking well in time.

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    Intellectual Property Overview

    Intellectual property may be the most valuable part of a business. In many cases this value goes unprotected and is lost. There are three basic types of intellectual property. Each can be protected in one or more ways. The first type of intellectual property is an invention. An invention is a new and unique product, or a new and unique method of solving a problem.

    There are two ways to protect an invention. The technical knowledge can be protected with patent rights, or kept secret as a trade secret. Sometimes businesses are not aware of inventions within their own company. This results in loss of market share and lost revenue opportunities for licensing.

    Intellectual Property (IP) Vs. Intellectual Property Rights:

    In many cases “Intellectual Property” or “IP” is confused with “Intellectual Property Rights”. This can be a problem for business owners because it clouds business deals and makes it harder to determine where the value is. Fortunately, there are patenting agencies like Invent Help that could help.

    Money may change hands without the value of the IP changing hands. IP is the valuable property in a business, and Intellectual Property Rights are the legal mechanisms that protect the IP. An analogy can be drawn to real property, for example a home. Possession of the physical structure and the land are the value of the home. A deed is used as a legal mechanism to protect the home and the ability to posses the home.

    When a home is sold, the property rights are transferred through a deed. The value to the buyer, however, is in the possession of the home. In the same way, when IP is transferred by assignment (sale) or licensing, the value is in the technical know-how for inventions, in the goodwill for a brand, and in the content for writings and works of art. The “Intellectual Property” or IP is in inventions, goodwill, and content; and Intellectual Property Rights are in patent rights, trade secret rights, trademark rights and copyright rights.

    Contact InventHelp, registered patent firm, to protect and sell your valuable intellectual property.

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    How to get a Patent – The Essential Steps

    No one can claim full ownership of an idea, a product, a process, a composition etc until it is patented. Your invention can only be fully protected through patent application. The US Patent and Trademark Office is tasked with the responsibility of giving inventors patents to their property. However, inventors placing their applications for patents are advised not to use terms like “patented” or ”patent pending” before making their applications or before being approved. This is because using such terms is against the federal law.

    However, most inventors have stayed long with their new ides just because they do not know how to get a patent. Getting patents courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office requires special legal knowhow. If you find it a bit technical and complicated to seek for a patent single-handedly, employ the services of a reputable patent attorney or agency to help for your new invention idea. This article will cover vital steps on how to get a patent.

    To begin with, in your search for a patent, you will have to pay a visit to a United States Patent and Trademark Office’s local branch. If you find this inconveniencing, you can as well find a vast pull of patent information as well as the relevant forms posted on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    After finding relevant information, the next step is preparing a proposal of your idea/invention that is comprehensive with all the necessary details. The proposal should be fully descriptive of the invention. It must also contain descriptions that are specific in English including detailed drawings. The next vital step is the preparation and execution of a short declaration that your invention is original and doesn’t infringe existing patents.

    After coming up with the relevant copies as well as following set instructions, it is at this point that proposal and declaration submission takes place. The two documents are submitted to the United States Director at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s local branch. You can also submit the documents online. When submitting, inventors have to bill for filing fees which is meant for searching and examining the proposal.

    If objections as well as modification requests are presented by the United States and Trademark Office, you have to respond without delay. Obtaining patents through this office is a process that has seen people giving up on the way. However, the length of time it takes to acquire the patent is dependent upon the contents of your proposal.

    If the contents of the proposal are accurate and raise neither objections nor modification requests, the process takes averagely eighteen months for new inventors to acquire the patent. This means that the inventor has to be extra careful when coming up with the proposal because if objections and modification requests arise, an inventor can have it rough waiting for the patent.

    After obtaining the patent, the inventor pays for maintenance fee. These fees are paid at a 3-4 year interval following the date the patent was granted. This should not worry you much because there is a grace period of six months to settle the fees. Renewal of patent is a must prior to expiry date. Patents have a life of up to twenty years, but design patents have a shorter life period of fourteen years. You now know how to get a patent, go ahead and patent your invention.

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    The Prestige City in Bangalore

    Prestige City is one of the most sought-after places to live in Bangalore. The city is located near ITPL and close to schools, colleges, and various other amenities. It provides amazing connectivity with both national highways and railways station. Prestige City has everything you would love about home – spacious apartments, lush green surroundings, an inviting clubhouse, appealing ambiance for children’s play areas, and more.

    The city’s civic amenities are accessible through railway stations, bus stands, and other locations within close proximity to this project. There are schools, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment options located nearby, and lush green spaces all around. There are also shopping malls near The Prestige City project where one can find everything they need for day-to-day living requirements.

    There are many housing options available here that have been designed to provide luxury within budget. There are 2BHK and 3 BHK flats and penthouse apartments that range from the size of 970 square feet to 3,700 square feet. The features of these apartments include high-speed elevators, landscaped gardens with water bodies, CCTVs, and a backup power supply, among others. There is also a Prestige City Villa complex with different types of villas, such as 3 BHK and 4 BHK luxury villas.

    The Prestige City is a residential project which has been planned and developed by The Prestige Group. It offers various facilities like an indoor facility for badminton/basketball, swimming pool, etc., yoga hall with health club and spa is also available here. A power substation is also built up for an uninterrupted power supply to every apartment in the project. One can enjoy luxury amidst nature’s beauty at this beautiful location.

    Prestige City Bangalore has a beautiful clubhouse for children where they can play and also learn new things. They have dedicated areas for playing badminton, skating, or even swimming. The Prestige Club has all modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, a restaurant, lounge bar, etc. Other amenities include a clubhouse, gymnasium, amphitheater, landscaped gardens with fountains and water bodies, etc.

    With the multiple benefits that Prestige City Bangalore provides, you should consider buying an apartment there immediately! It offers convenience to your lifestyle with excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. Also, the amenities provided in Prestige City Bangalore are excellent and provide a luxurious living experience.