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    Buying The Most Suitable Chicken Coops

    When you begin searching for chicken coops for sale you are going to be faced with lots of choices. As you will soon find out there are great many different types of sizes and designs of coops to select from. But what one you actually purchase will be depend on the number of chickens you intend to keep and how much space is available where you wish to erect it.

    It is vital also that the chicken coop you purchase is one that will not only protect your hens from the weather but any potential predators. Also it is crucial that the coop is one that whilst the chickens live in it they remain healthy and so this ensures that they are happy. In this article we offer some tips of what to look for when buying one of the many chicken coops for sale that you see.

    Firstly you need to make a decision whether the coop to buy is going to be one that can be moved around, is raised off the ground or on it. For those where space is limited in the garden then going for those designs that are raised off the ground would be the best option.

    Next you must sure that the coop you purchase offers ample protection to the chickens. So make sure that the walls, doors, and windows are strong and have a good mesh covering over spaces where predators can get in such as rodents, foxes and even some dogs.

    Make sure that the chicken coop you purchase is one that offers adequate light and fresh air to access the inside of it. Again make sure that the doors on the chicken coops for sale can be easily closed and locked at night. Plus around the windows and ventilation holes in the coop there is a covering of heavy gauge wire mesh, which will allow clean fresh air in but prevent predators from getting in also.

    You must ensure that the chicken coop you purchase has plenty of heavy gauge wire mesh ventilation holes within it. These are not only helping to ensure that plenty of clean fresh air is able to get into the coop but prevents the build up of carbon dioxide, moisture and ammonia within it. Failure to keep ammonia and moisture levels down within the coop could result in some serious health problems for your chickens in the future as explained on MentalItch blog.

    Above we have provided several tips on what to look for when purchasing one of the many chicken coops for sale that you see. By keeping in mind what we have mentioned above not only will you purchase the right size coop for your garden, but one that meets your requirements perfectly and won’t cost too much.

  • how to chose female dog names

    Should Female Dogs Have Female Dog Names?

    There is no hard and fast rule that female dogs should have female dogs should have female dog names. Individuals tend to give female dog names to their female dogs as it sounds feminine and they have more of the letter U in them.

    People are unaware of the fact that giving a dog a calm and soothing name can actually change the personality of the dog. The size of the dog and traits of her personality are important factors to be taken into consideration while deciding a name for your dog.

    Before giving him a name you should observe her at least for a week. You ought to notice her behavior before giving her a name. You have to contemplate over a long time before selecting a proper name for the dog. You must take proper care to name her as the name will be in use every day.

    The name should be a shirt and sweet one that is easy to pronounce. Your dog should be able to associate herself with the name. If you are a family with small kids, then choose a name that they can easily remember and say.

    The name that you give will indeed be a shadow of your personality and aesthetic sense. Above all it will be a reflection of the dog’s personality as well. It will speak volumes about your creativity.

    how to chose female dog names

    You will not like people making fun of your dog’s name as it will be directed at you and your choice of names. The name of your dog will be indicative of your love and affection towards your dog. How well you know her.

    You can procure a list of female dog names from any book or from the internet from sites such as DogNameHero.com. Then consult with your family members. Take their opinion into consideration before finalizing any name. You can eliminate the ones not approved by your family.

    From the remaining choices you can experiment with them on your dog. Watch the reaction of your puppy when you call her with different names. She will help you in choosing her own name.

    Another important thing that you should remember while naming a dog is that it should not be similar to any command that you use every day. Your cute puppy will grow into an adult dog. So choose a name that fits perfectly the description of a big dog.

    A cute name sounds funny and inappropriate on a big dog. Never give your dog a name that is in anyway similar to that of any family member. This will lead to utter confusion. The dogs will fail to respond to your call.

  • automatic drinking fountain for cats and dogs

    Cat Fountain, Why Do You Need One?

    When you hear the phrase cat fountain you may not know what it is, but is really is exactly what the name says. Even though there are some people out there who think this idea is crazy, you may be surprised at the amount of health benefits these fountains have. With us pet owners not even realizing it our pets face dehydration in every season of the year.

    The reason why pet owners began to see the need for a continuous water supply is because dehydration can be fatal if you do not catch it in time. Just by giving your pet more water you can actually improve their health, and that has been proven.

    Just like humans, if cats and dogs do not drink enough water they can get UTIs and other urinary problems. Since cats are so independent we sometimes forget to check on things like their water but even if you have a large water supply left out for them, the water can still become stale and have a horrible taste.

    automatic drinking fountain for cats and dogs

    The way you can look at it is that you would not want to drink water that was old and tasted bad so why would you may your cat drink that?

    It isn’t hard to understand how the cat fountain works since it is simply just like every other fountain in the world. It pulls the water from the reservoir into a continuous stream so that way the water is continuously being filtered. Even if you have the same water in there for days it will be clean and refreshing with the charcoal water filters.

    You will have to replace the filters when they need to be but other than that you won’t have to do much with this cat fountain other than put in some new water the container has used all of its reserved water.

    If you want to learn more about the pet water fountain visit Petsium.com.