I want to be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren. ~J.R.R. Tolkien

I like having green hair because I feel like a flower with my brightly pigmented makeup on 🌸👓

When my mind is quiet. It gets dangerously good. You move through tragic seas as if you were gracefully walking in it. I don't feel anything, I stand tall like nothing will hurt me. I bleed out visions of clarity when all is unspoken. Video on this look soon. Thank you: @morphebrushes : eyeshadow, Armed & Gorgeous Palette @tartecosmetics : foundation @anastasiabeverlyhills : dipbrow granite @ardellbeauty : eyelashes @nyxcosmetics lips matte cream with @milanicosmetics Black lip cream matte. And morphe eyeshadow coin. @tatgunjoe -neck tattoo Elf ears from unkown buyer ebay.

Random fact: I have hella weird ears 😅 real life elf right here...

Hey guys! I got really excited about this thrift find as well as the windy typhoons and thought i'd throw a little something together. This outfit consists of an axes femme dress and long moe gloves paired with some old lace up heels. The dress is amazing for this reason: incredible detail despite the simple cut. The detail includes a tutu styled hem, floral embroidery on the bust line and a halter styled tie up embellished with blue flowers. This is a piece by axes femme no doubt one of my favorite japanese brands whose designs always make me feel like a character in a fantasy novel. All im missing now is a cape and a bow and arrow and maybe some pointy ears 😁


My D&D character!! Isn't she a cutie ✨✨ She's an elvish sorcerer with a taste for adventure !! (This was just a sketch to help me get a feel for her design,, also excuse my illegible handwriting haaa) ALSO! Anyone else play D&D?? ✨✨✨ • • •

🍂Galadhrim 🧝‍♀️ 📷 @nicoesteiro

“Elvish Beauty” from the Brenin Series. My favourite from the few released.

В этой штуковине тепло невероятно, хотя на первый взгляд так не кажется. В очередной раз признаюсь себе в любви 😆 вязать - это круто! Я так рада, что научилась этому. К тому же впереди ещё много интересных идей и в голове всегда появляется что-то новое. Хочется напомнить и о @natashka_sirin которая выдала мне, сомневающейся, тот самый пендель. Всегда буду тебе благодарна! 🌺

new style: elven hooded bolero 🌿🌱🌲 now available in the shop and for custom orders

The renaissance fest is coming!! Im so stoked!! 😆 any ideas on what you guys think i should do this year? And @elentori is doing a little realism drawing practice!! I absolutely LOVE their art and would love to help with the practice! 😄💕 hope this helps! Go follow them if you already aren't! 🙏 (Sorry i don't really take selfies of myself much. This was the best i had ><)