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✴️In the distant future.  In a land abandoned by man. 🔧Machines wage a continuous war. ⚔️ ⛓️Unaware of the futility of their action 🔸2B▫️Nier Automata 🖤📷Thanks to @larichu_cosplay and to @betooncosplay for be my supporters ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️◼️

⚠️Virus alert‼️ ⚠️ ______________________________________________ Just throwing some selfies, don’t mind those posts haha Trying to get them looking a bit aesthetic (and better btw) ______________________________________________

Encore du Nier automata hehe, en même temps ca fait un moment que je dois les édits 😂😂. Alors voilà comme d’habitude je vous mets l’avant/après, encore merci pour les magnifiques photos de @saki.cosplay !!✨✨[[ le robot dans le fond à droites je l’ai nommé Gilbert, dites bonjour à Gilbert les enfants !👋👋xD]] hehe so, si vous avez des avis n’hésitez pas à me les dire en com, ou bien partager si ça vous plaît, merci infiniment à tous ceux qui prendront le temps de faire, keur keur 🖤🖤. • • •9S + édit: me •📸: @saki.cosplay • ••

Hello mes petits neko, un petit duo avec un Type S ;) Dommage que Type S n'apparait que une fois dans le jeu avec une quête secondaire TwT . Cela vous arrive t'il d'avoir un coup de coeur pour un personnage secondaire voir même où on le voit une fois ? . 2B: Me Type S: @alexander_di_alex Photographe: @photothywa .

NieR: Automata is the best discovery of this summer in games for me. I was delighted with the soundtrack, plot, characters, and I think that 2B is the best girl) Cosplayer: @shiera13 Character: YoRHa No. 2 Type B Fandom: NieR: Automata Costume: @fdcosplaystudio Photo: @aster_shade

Primera parte de la sesion de fotos ❤. Realmente me sentí genial con este cosplay. Ademas de que la sesion fue divertida. Pero en fin ¿como estan? Espero que hayan tenido un lindo dia, bunnies 🐰🧡. . 🖥: Nier Automata. 👧: 2b. 👗: Yami Tsuki Cosmaker. 📸: @yokoonline . .

"Why do I long for humans like this?! Why do I desire the touch of something that no longer exists?" . . 2B: @dekkun 9S: BEATS . . 📸: @squareeyedcreative Assist: @viviyosei ﹏ I just want to say I love this shot and my 2B @dekkun so much 😊 so I ordered 5 wigs to do costest over an extended period of time but... um... I used them all so fast... Well, I get paid soon so imma get some more coses 😊 • • •

A 2B bodice progress compilation. I started with my favorite bodice base (used this for Shiro and Sophie too). Then I removed the cutouts, assembled the sheet panels, and reinserted them. This involved a lot of structural work, such as extra inner layers to reinforce the shape where necessary. Next I made the sleeves. I deviated from the OG and decided to use a combination of faux leather and suede instead of feathers because I think it looks more cohesive. Lastly I added the white detail stitching along seams, installed eyelets, and laced up the back. I made the lacing using scraps of faux suede. Probably around 30 hrs of work total. Bodice is faux suede, faux leather, and synthetic chiffon.

This photo excites me a lot. It gave me a lot of satisfaction and I really liked all the shots that photographers made me ✅. I really love this character and the way I look at it! I love everything about it. I'm always looking for new products and improve my work! What do you think about this work? See you at the Palermo Comic Convention. 👍

"The machines don't have feelings. You said it yourself." Ph 📸 @themushroom91

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