Un corazón quebrantado se rinde, se humilla un corazón quebrantado está dispuesto a perdonar, a ceder sus derechos, no está buscando su propio beneficio sino obedecer y agradar a Dios. Cuando estamos quebrantados, cuando ya no podemos más es entonces cuando clamamos a Dios para entregárselo todo y en esos momentos aquellas áreas que le impedían a Dios hacer su voluntad en nuestras vidas son quebrantadas dejando un terreno fértil y preparado para recibir todo lo que Dios nos quiere entregar. Si sientes hoy que tu corazón o tu vida se rompe por partes, si sientes que estas siendo raspado, si te sientes adolorido déjame decirte que Dios está arando tu corazón para que quepa más de Él en ti. Recuerda que un corazón quebrantado encuentra reposo y esta completamente satisfecho con Jesús. —————————————————————————— “Cercano está el Señor a los quebrantados de corazón, y salva a los abatidos de espíritu” Salmos 34:18 . . . . . . .

E antes de qualquer coisa, qualquer ação, atitude, qualquer que seja sua vontade... ORE!!! Converse com Deus. Se proteja! Permita que Ele te cubra com seu amor e cuidado!!! Lembre-se que o veneno ☠️ só faz mal para quem tomar!!! Purifique-se!!! Ninguém é bom 100%. Não há quem seja mal 100%. O lobo mal será sempre o vilão se quem contar a história for sempre a Chapeuzinho!!! Boa noite!!!

Lady Wisdom is not hiding from us! She is shouting in the streets, waiting for us to listen. Seek and listen to her guidance and direction today!

[KSS BENTLEY - 18 August 2019] Ps. Santoso T. preached about the power of annointing. God gives glory to the one who is annointed by Him. Once we are annointed, Holy Spirit works in us day by day. Remind us to turn back from sins and live to please God by praying, reading Bible, and practicing the Word of God. We need to keep exercising our faith by walking with God and remain in Him by abiding in Him so that we can always bear fruit. . . . .

I’m having coffee alone while the kids are at class! No!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna chat with you!! If you’d like to meet up sometime and discuss essential oils and how they can help you I’d love to meet ya. Let me know. It’s on Tuesday mornings. 🙋🏻 below and I’ll dm ya. I’d love to chat. And You’ll leave with something from dōTERRA to try!! 👏🏻👏🏻💃🏻💃🏻♥️♥️🙌🏻🙌🏻😏✔️🙋🏻

Forgive the late post! 😅🙈 Small piece of my Wednesday workout, leg day 😁👍🏾🙌🏾 Listed below are the other things I did as well👌🏾 I’m not going too heavy due to keeping an eye on my back injury which is getting better 🙏🏾👍🏾 Adapt workout to suit & have a cracking leg day! 💪🏾😀 Keep building your body because you’re fearfully & wonderfully made! 😁❤️🙏🏾 If you like the new video editor, comment below 😉👍🏾 **Rest of exercises** -Sumo deadlifts (50kg) -Lying leg press (pyramid to 220kg) use different foot positions -Leg extension (one leg at a time) 40” box side step ups, 3 sets each side with heavy dumbbell -Seated Leg curl -Adductor machine (inner thigh) *Stretch/foam roller to finish*! Music: Sunrise Site: https://icons8.com/music/ Leggings: @kyodanactive Trainers: @reebok

Dios no nos manda que entendamos su voluntad, si no que la obedezcamos aunque nos parezca poco razonable. Obedecer a Dios es fundamental para nuestra vida cristiana⠀ .⠀ God does not send us to understand his will, but to obey it even if it seems unreasonable. Obey God is fundamental to our Christian life⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀

Paul and the gang >>>>> Scooby and the gang

Meet @alliegoebel , @embberry , @sean.vonwolffradt , @itsjonnaynay and @pamandrudy . They help in Kidzone on Sunday mornings! Allie and Emily coordinate teachers and helpers and create a fun and safe space for Kidzone. Sean and Pam have taught in the elementary class. Jonnay has welcomed families in check-in and made countless great first impressions! Thank you to everyone who has helped make Kidzone a fun and safe place for our kiddos.

Plus que quelque jours avant le grand retour en scène du WORSHIP MEETING !! Et comme vous pouvez le constater @jonathan.monsheny sera parmi nous ! 🔥 Les autres intervenants seront dévoilés dans jours à venir, RESTEZ CONNECTÉS 🔌 MENTIONNE LA PERSONNE AVEC QUI TU VIENS. 😉 __________ Active les notifications de la page pour ne rien rater ! __________

DEUS AGE POR PRINCÍPIOS! “Acaso podem sair água doce e água amarga da mesma fonte? Meus irmãos, pode uma figueira produzir azeitonas ou uma videira figos? Da mesma forma, uma fonte de água salgada não pode produzir água doce.” ‭‭Tiago‬ ‭3:11-12‬ ‭ • Trechinho do vídeo que saiu hoje no canal. Corre lá 😁 •YouTube - Ismael Mendonça - - -

🗑 Desecha (elimina) el enojo 😠 salmos 37:8 🙈Se sabe que el enojo es un mecanismo del cuerpo diseñado para subsistir, pero pasar la vida enojado acarrea un riesgo mayúsculo para el organismo (ataques al corazón, migraña, colitis etc. Enemistades, heridas) por eso amigo elimina el enojo. Con oración y determinación lo lograrás 😉 . . .

Si damos lugar a la ira 😡 y al enojo😠, el final será hacer lo malo; en vez de darle rienda suelta a nuestras malas emociones y buscar hacer daño a aquel que nos lastimes es mejor guardar silencio ante el Señor y es espera en Él🙏🏼 Salimos 37:8 . . . . .

➰❤Real life...another great wash day! ➰So I am thrilled with the curl on the left. Another new curl (growth)(scalp massage) showed up while I was clipping up my hair on the right The back of my hair is still weird.

🔥Jesus Christ🔥 ❤Like or 💬 Comment, Tag a friend... ✅Turn on post Notifications✅ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ It was the apostles who heard the Lord, and the gave unto us the true gospel. When we deny that Jesus Christ is the only Lord God, we condemn Jesus, the apostles and the prophets. Jesus said to the woman, “I am the Messiah” (John 4:26). Jesus told the devil the he was God (Matt 4:7). If ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins (John 8:24). . .

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Na caminhada cristã você precisa valorizar cada degrau. Cada passo que você avança, remete o quanto você mudou, quanto foi bom largar o passado. Olhe para trás e veja: Aquilo que te doía não dói mas. Agora perceba, Deus é bom ele cuida de você.

Be Intentional. If we are to take risks and be purposeful, we MUST be intentional. We live in a super-active, fast-paced world. In this environment, it makes being intentional that much harder. This is why it is a good practice to frequently ask yourself are you: really listening? really seeing? I don’t know about you, but I often hear but fail to listen. I often look but fail to see. When I do this, it usually boils down to two things: Not spending enough time with Jesus. Which then leads to… 2. Living unintentionally When I make it a practice to be spend time with Jesus daily, I find myself much more intentional as well as much more purposeful and mindful. Being purposeful starts here- with Jesus- which then oozes out towards the people you encounter in your places. May you be intentional today to spend time with your Savior. I promise, you will be more purposeful and more prepared to take risks when you do.