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空の鏡. . . . 国営昭和記念公園の日本庭園です。 . . . 天気良く、いい感じに白い雲もあり、池も澄んでいたので、美しい空の反射を見ることができました。 . . . ========== 撮影: 2019.05 東京 立川市 国営昭和記念公園 ========== . . .

In addition to dealing with broody ladies, and a few busting eggs in the process of trying to hog them all, I think at least one of the girls has started laying outside somewhere. I have yet to find their stash though. And happy Father’s Day to all the deserving dads, stepdads and granddads our there!

When I. goes to bed, I get to spend some time gardening :) I love my hollyhocks, though they are getting a bit beaten by the wind, and I can't get enough of my Calla Lillies! I can't believe they have done so well! I also planted some seedlings that I had started late, so we will see how they do... so hopefully I will soon have cornflowers, lupine, bachelor's button, black eyed susans, and snapdragons blooms

From last month, an ovenbird poking around the cold frame. I got close using the various online guides, prompting me to briefly toss around terms like “warbler” and “thrush” completely unqualified, but as usual it was my sister that made the final identification. . The other things I can tell you are that Robert Frost wrote a poem about the ovenbird, that it gets its name from the shape of its nest, and that this was the first and last time I saw it in my yard. .

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