Who Needs An Apostille?

Apostille is a way to prove that a document has not been falsified or altered.

The apostille stamp is applied by an authorized local government office – called an “apostille” office – to the original document. The stamp itself contains some information about the country where the document was issued, as well as information about where it can be used and who can use it.


Anyone who wants to use a document outside of the country where it was issued needs an apostille stamp. This includes:

Passport applications;

Birth certificates;

Marriage certificates;

Death certificates; and

Any other official government documents that need to be used outside of their home country.

The process of getting an apostille stamp is different in every country, but they all have one thing in common: you need to get a certified copy of your document from the local government office that issued it. You can’t just take your original passport or birth certificate and ask them to stamp it with an official seal. Instead, you’ll need to request a signed and stamped copy of your document.

Why Is Apostille Certification Needed?

The reason for apostille certification is to ensure that the document you are using has been authenticated by the government issuing it. Without an apostille stamp, foreign governments might not accept your documents.

The United States has signed an agreement with many foreign countries to accept documents that have been certified by the US Department of State. When you get your document apostilled, it means that a representative from the US Department of State has reviewed your document and verified that it is authentic.

Austin Texas Apostille

If you need an apostille in Austin Texas issued fast, you should know that there are professional services that can help you. It is important to note that not all documents need an apostille. If you are unsure whether your document requires an apostille, it is best to contact a professional for advice.

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