automatic drinking fountain for cats and dogs

Cat Fountain, Why Do You Need One?

When you hear the phrase cat fountain you may not know what it is, but is really is exactly what the name says. Even though there are some people out there who think this idea is crazy, you may be surprised at the amount of health benefits these fountains have. With us pet owners not even realizing it our pets face dehydration in every season of the year.

The reason why pet owners began to see the need for a continuous water supply is because dehydration can be fatal if you do not catch it in time. Just by giving your pet more water you can actually improve their health, and that has been proven.

Just like humans, if cats and dogs do not drink enough water they can get UTIs and other urinary problems. Since cats are so independent we sometimes forget to check on things like their water but even if you have a large water supply left out for them, the water can still become stale and have a horrible taste.

automatic drinking fountain for cats and dogs

The way you can look at it is that you would not want to drink water that was old and tasted bad so why would you may your cat drink that?

It isn’t hard to understand how the cat fountain works since it is simply just like every other fountain in the world. It pulls the water from the reservoir into a continuous stream so that way the water is continuously being filtered. Even if you have the same water in there for days it will be clean and refreshing with the charcoal water filters.

You will have to replace the filters when they need to be but other than that you won’t have to do much with this cat fountain other than put in some new water the container has used all of its reserved water.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for Home

What You Need to Know about Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps?

You and your family can benefit with Himalayan salt crystal lamps. These crystal lamps give off positive energy that brings about better health. Look at what these lamps can do for you.

The Himalayan Salt Origin

The Himalayan salt hails from the primal sea. This is the sea believed to be where all life on earth came from. The primal sea is situated in the Himalayan Mountains, 4,921 feet (1,500 meters) underneath the surface of the earth. The primal sea had already dried up long ago, but the Himalayan salt was left behind. The Himalayan salt is rich in various minerals that are essential for human health.

Air Purification through Salt Crystal Lamps

The salt lamps react with the moisture in the air. This reaction results in the appearance of negative ions. Negative ions form because the Himalayan salt attracts moisture and the light bulb provides the heat that evaporates the moisture. The resulting negative ions from the evaporation remove all the toxic components from the air. The purification process that happens here is similar to what a rainstorm does to the air.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for Home

Some of the Therapeutic Properties of the Himalayan  Crystal Lamp

The following are some of the therapeutic properties of Himalayan salt crystal lamps that you can benefit from:

  • These salt lamps are able to reduce your fatigue at any time of the day.
  • They can clear your sinuses overnight.
  • They improve the quality of the air.
  • They reduce the electro-magnetic residues that come from your electronic devices.
  • They increase your ability to concentrate or meditate.
  • They help allergy sufferers by reducing the allergens and irritants in the air.
  • They have a soothing effect that helps your overall well-being.

Using the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Once you have acquired a Himalayan salt crystal lamp, you should place it in a room where you spend a lot of time, such as your office or your office lobby. These areas are usually filled with electronic equipment and they usually have heavy electro-magnetic pollution in the air.

You should also place one on your work desk, so that you can concentrate more on your work. It can also help you relax and meditate during your breaks. The lamp contributes to the improvement of your room’s ambiance through the various colors present in the salt.

What the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp Owners Say

The Himalayan salt crystal lamps have earned positive reactions from those who have tried it. Those who have allergies have expressed relief once they’ve started using it. Others significantly calmed down more because of the lights the lamps give off. It is time for you to experience the change. Try the Himalayan salt crystal lamp and improve your well-being.