Never End Your Presentation With “Any Questions Please”

One of the most important learning from Corporate Presentations, Seminars and Pitches is how you end the story!

What you said initially and in between might be pushed back into the memory zone, but what you say at the end of the presentation registers in bold letters on top of all that your audience has heard so far. Your Audience Remembers The Last Thing They Heard. Some people even talk about this further as they gather together.

That’s why never leave the presentation ending with “Any Questions”? This gives the control of the presentation to the audience. Engaging them is not the same as relinquishing control to your audience.

If you do so, the last voice the audience hears is not your voice, but that of a third party (at times even of someone who is arguing with you on a stupid point or trying to prove his expertise). This leaves a poor impression, unless you take the control back in your hands.

So be smart! Don’t just finish the presentation with a Question Answer Session at the end, rather make it the second last thing. Apply for Global Speech Academy development courses to really improve your presentation skills.

And you’ll learn to have enough time to take back the control, create a lasting impression, exchange your contact details and more!

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