Keywords Optimization on Etsy

You want to make sure to use keywords that describe your product. You can use the keyword describing what it is, what type or even who it is for. Many people also include in their times domain material that is made from as well as the main color additives.

You can include the method or technique that was used to make it or how it will be used. You can include the size of all of the style to give shoppers an easier way to find your product.

One great tip is to include your business name and a few of your item tags. This is extremely helpful if someone is looking for you but forgets to use the drop-down menu to select search sellers. You can also add Etsy team tags to some of your items. You need to add the team tags to every item just a few.

To get even more ideas for keywords for your products you can use the Google keyword tool or that Yahoo keyword selector tool. Both of these tools will help generate a complete list of the most popular searched words that relate to your product you type in as explained on this what to sell on Etsy 2021 post.

This step does require a bit of time invested as well as research they can be extremely valuable to help create a comprehensive list of some of the most highly searched terms to use for your tags.

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