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Is a Blog Really Integral to the Success of My Business?

It will be almost impossible to keep your business afloat in an online marketing world without the enormous benefits that blogging brings. For the purposes of this post, business blogging in particular will be discussed.

What is business blogging?

Business blogging is the act of creating short blocks of business related content, which are then posted to your businesses blog. It is essentially a marketing channel that helps support business growth.

SEO Tips

Where do I start?

First and foremost you will need a blogging platform. The most common is WordPress, however there are other options. Once you have downloaded your platform, familiarize yourself with its tools and functions, they are usually fairly simple to master, but shortcuts and tricks will be beneficial to post and your blog in its entirety. Next, ensure you have a list of keywords specific to your business, as these need to be incorporated into each post in order to optimize your SEO. Read more about keywords and how to understand more about SEO here.

What are the key benefits of blogging?

Helps drive traffic and convert this traffic to leads – Working through Google’s algorithms, blogging will generate more traffic to your site. This is because every time you post, you are creating one more indexed page to your website that is likely to show up on search results, driving traffic through organic results to your website. Put simply, more traffic equals more people visiting your page and learning about your business. Similarly, blogging will help your business get discovered via social media. This is only true if you share your content on such social sites, furthering the opportunity to get discovered.

Provides results long term – Creating and updating a business blog will not deliver SEO results immediately. However, because of the longevity of the Internet, a blog post you created today will continue to drive traffic in months and years to come. People type something into Google and it will continue to show up in search results.

Shows authority of business – Often when visiting a site without a blog, it is difficult to find the information you need. A blog on a business page is the spot where employees can post all the information that visiting potential customers want to know. Visitors expect a website to have a link to the businesses blog page, without one, we are often left questioning many elements of the business.

Gives your potential customers background knowledge – Before choosing a new company to do business with, it is an instinctive human need to want to find out all we possibly can about that companies past. Who have they worked with previously? What sort of work can be expected of them? What sort of values and beliefs does the company have? Answers to these sorts of questions will determine how committed the company is to you and your business and is therefore very important. To find these answers, website visitors often will go straight to your blog.

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