How to test a person for depression

According to the recent studies, depression which is classified as a part of mood disorder is one of the most cases of psychological problems across the globe. Most psychiatrists take this condition as a chronic illness similar to other pathological condition like diabetes and hypertension. However, this condition can be treated with different approaches. The best method used in diagnosing depression is to evaluate the mental status of the person or a child and other probable manifestations of signs and symptoms should be ruled out by performing physical assessment and other laboratory examinations by child & youth counselling services.

In some psychiatric institution, they usually ask the patient about their feelings. Signs and symptoms are also evaluated by asking the person about when and how did these manifestations started. The person’s ability to be attentive and focus should be carefully observed. As part of diagnosing depression, it is very important to evaluate the judgment skill of the person. It is very crucial to determine the ability of the person to respond with hard questions, therefore, a simple question and other illustrations is used in checking the mental status of the person.

The way a person dresses up is another way of diagnosing depression; a depressed person may have problems with wearing appropriate clothes. They may appear dull and doesn’t care about the impression from other people.

These are the common ways on how to diagnose person with depression. It may be simple but it is very difficult to deal with. Only qualified and highly experience mental health professionals are capable to provide therapeutic communication with the person who is diagnosed to have depression.

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