Home Design Trends

Are you just starting a new home design project and are out of touch with what is happening in the world of interior design? Here are some of the latest interior design trends and fashions to consider incorporating when designing modern home interiors.

One kitchen trend is the use of stainless steel appliances. The classic, neutral color coordinates with all styles of cabinetry.

A popular bathroom trend is to create a modern, luxurious spa like experience. Some trendy decorating ideas include: whirlpool tubs, rain showerheads and fashionable freestanding sculptural sinks.

Trends in specialty rooms such as a home theater are a must in most custom home designs. Home theater interiors incorporate the latest sound and television technology to create the ultimate movie theater experience without having to go the cinema. For those wine lovers who entertain frequently, the trend in wine cellar designs provides convenient access to wines.

In fashionable furnishings, the Asian influence reigns in the interior decor. Buddha is trendy, adding an exotic favor to interiors. The trend in dark woods with clean minimalist lines creates an uncluttered feel. Room elements such as water fountains with traditional ties to feng shui theories of balance and harmony with the environment brings the outside, inside. Nature is fashionable again and is brought inside with natural flooring such as seagrass, sisal and cork flooring.

Fashionable, exotic woods such as zebra wood, black walnut and Brazilian cherry create a sophisticated feel to any interior decor. One of the many trendy design ideas from Europe is the use of horizontal patterning which adds a unique twist to the appearance of cabinetry.

Some of these decorating trends and trendy design ideas will stand the test of time, others will fall out of favor so choose interior design ideas that are best suited for your style, space needs and budget. You can always ask for help from professionals such as the Eight Design – licensed HDB interior designer. Keep big purchases in check, keeping in mind quality never goes out of fashion.

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