Fix Foundation Cracks

The importance of fixing basement foundation cracks as soon as they are noticed cannot be stressed enough. This will prevent further problems like leakage of water. The crack will grow in size and become less controllable if repairs are not performed immediately. There are methods to fix and prevent this occurrence in your basement without extensive or expensive work.

If there is a leak, then polyurethane foam will help to seal the crack and prevent water from leaking in. This material is for repairs that are not related to the structure of the premise. Polyurethane foam is elastomeric, therefore, the material can enter any size crack, even the minimal ones. A major benefit to using this sealant is that it sets quickly so liquid cannot enter while the crack is injected.

Epoxy is used in areas with structural damage. The material is slow setting and takes several hours to completely change to hard form. While it is in its original form, the sealant may drain from the crack. This may be the case if any walls have separated from the building’s foundation. When repairing cracks, using caulk or cement is not a good choice. This will not stop the liquid from leaking behind the caulk. The material used to seal the crack will not remain and will wear off during the cold weather when frozen. So, it would be wise to call the professional Foundation Repair Contrator In Dallas to take a look.

Water must have a way to drain so a drain system is important. Interior tiles and exterior tiles are the two types used for basement waterproofing. The tiles have a pipe that has holes to let the accumulate of liquid out. It is housed by a trench and then enclosed under gravel. Water from the pipes flows into a sump pump and is stopped from harming the building’s structure and foundation. The tiles vary in shape and the material they are made from. They are available in rectangular, round, or square.

Interior drain tiles can be installed on top of the concrete, in the concrete slab, or under it. The most popular placement selection is under the concrete by creating a trench for the pipe and covering it. Exterior drain tiles are put in during the building process. They are installed outside of the building to send the water collected away from the foundation and into the ground outside.

Though this method is more expensive, this is a quality method to eliminating water leakage. The area that is located near the foundation is dug up and then rebuilt. This type of drain is located by the footing of the foundation and requires a sump pump. Water should be removed slowly from the basement to prevent foundation and structure harm.

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