Crazy Inventions For A Rapidly Changing World

The world around us is changing rapidly. This change is visible not only in computers, televisions, mobile phones, cars and music systems, but also in the various domestic gadgets we use everyday. The best part is that with changing technology, there is an increase of product obsolescence, matching the decreasing life cycle of each gadget. Today’s gadget is tomorrow’s throwaway. Inventions, however crazy they may look and sound, are all meant for bettering the quality of our lives as explained by InventHelp. Here are a few such crazy inventions, which may look absurd, but the creativity that has gone behind each of them is truly amazing:

In spite of several health warnings, die-hard smokers find immense pleasure in lighting up that cancer stick, even it irritates people around. Such an irritated inventor was Chung Wan Ping who patented a “please don’t smoke” ashtray in 1992. This talking ashtray immediately reminds the person who lights up a cigarette that smoking is injurious to health. The inventor is aware however, that this verbal signal from the ashtray is too gentle for hard core tobacco addicts, but expects it to have some impact on the smoker when the ashtray starts talking. Purely from an argumentative point of view, can this ashtray survive in case an irate smoker throws it out of the window? One could improve upon this crazy invention by adding more value to it. Invent a talking ashtray which is “throw-resistant”!

So you belong to that category of people, whose feet sweat and stink. Inventor Israel Siegel has come to your rescue by patenting his Gravity Powered Shoe Air Conditioner way back in 1993. This amazing gadget cools your heels, scientifically! There is a compressor-expander which is triggered by the gravity pressures which your shoe undergoes when you walk. Through a simple mechanism of heat exchanging and a liquid with low boiling point, it is designed to transfer this energy to the soles of your feet. So, when you walk very fast, the shoe cools your heels and when you are idle or walk slowly, it keeps them warm. There are patenting agencies such as InventHelp that help new inventors as you can read from numerous Invent Help reviews online.

There are number of people who need motivation from external sources, than those who are self-motivated. We all need positive re-assurances, or a “pat on the back” as the common parlance goes, from time to time, to keep us going. These little pats, which are seemingly small psychological reinforcements, can do wonders to one’s morale. When it does not come from anyone, do not worry. Inventor Ralph R. Piro has patented a Pat-on-the-Back apparatus, which ensures that you no longer have to wait for someone to reward you with a pat or express his or her gratitude for a job well-done. The apparatus does it whenever you want it, any time, every time. So next time you are feeling low because there is no body to appreciate you for your thoughts or actions, simply grab the Pat-on-the-Back gadget, and emerge as one of the most self-motivated person around!

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