Brand Identity

We think it’s important that the brand is controlled, developed and designed by the owner (or with the owners input) so that the brand is a true representation of the business and its products and services. However, you have to also consider the consumers’ view of the brand, which is really your end users perception, or their idea of what the brand actually means to them.

For example, if we say “Coca-Cola” you immediately have a picture of the Coca-Cola brand, how they have marketed that brand (perhaps a product label) and/or their logo. This is what we mean by the consumers view or image of the brand.

Each brand, like a person, already has a personality or will develop a personality. Brand identity is like the visual DNA of the product or service in the brain of the person who is connected to it or on the receiving end of the brand. With this kind of connection power, it is extremely important that the brand identity be kept consistent. That whoever distributes the brand should adhere to the guidelines so that the brand has consistency whether it is used on letter head, a business card or on the side of a bus.

A Quick Tip

If you haven’t recently asked for client feedback on your existing brand and its identity, now is the time! Getting honest feedback from real clients is worth its weight in gold. In our experience a great brand identity also communicates a lot of trust. Trust creates more conversions than any other tactic.

Branding company can help you develop your corporate identity online and market to the right audience.

Services that includes:

• Brand Audits
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Collateral Refinements
• Brand Development
• Logo Development
• Logo Refinements
• Logo Creation and Delivery
• Brand Marketing
• Brand Reputation Management

What it means:

Corporate Branding

Your brand is considered your overall corporate image.

Brand Identity

Your brand is who you are; the visual aspects of your brand are considered the identity part of your brand.


The simple form of your brand identity, display visually as a mark or icon.

The Nutshell:

Incredibility strong brand identity is key to the success of your business.

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