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A Quick Look at Onpage Optimization

More often than not when you hear about SEO, the majority of what you hear centers around content marketing, and rightly so! The importance of content has been so often highlighted (natural, informative, lengthy, relevant, etc., etc., etc.,) each organisation would do well to implement these elements into their own content strategy.

However, today we are looking at some of the more complex factors that go into optimizing a website. These are probably seen as a bit less interesting by many in the online marketing world, however, they are certainly no less important. Without proper onsite structure, your website will fail to rank no matter how fantastic its content marketing and link-building strategies are. If these are a bit too “tech-y” for you, you can hire a professional SEO company, such as Digitrio, to optimize your website and your content for higher rankings.

Search Engine Optimization ftcser

Developing Your Meta-Tag and Meta-Description

When categorizing individual web pages, Google first looks at your title or meta-tag and meta-description. These are also what your prospective customers are going to look at when they see your page in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages – i.e.: Google). Therefore, you must ensure they are optimized and motivating. Include keywords but keep them natural.

Similarly, keep these factors under their respective word-counts. That is, meta-titles should be under 70-words and meta-descriptions under 150-words.

Utilizing Alt-Text in Images

As they say, a picture says a thousand words. In the case of content marketing, this is perhaps not entirely true, however it is important to remember to include images in your articles and on your site. Just like humans, Google likes a good image or two. Image alt-text must be short and include keywords so as to assist with their optimization from Google.

Optimizing Conversions with CTA’s

Having thousands of potential leads or visitors accessing your site is all well and good, but if they cannot convert to customers, are they really that useful? Often, a simple CTA is all that it can take to convert your site visitors from leads to customers and so implementing one is a quick and relatively simple task for your web developer that could result in a huge spike in sales.

Presenting Your Sitemap

Search engines like when a site presents a site-map; it provides them with detailed information on the content of your site. Pages are indexed quicker and more thoroughly with the help of a site-map, therefore improving visibility of your site. A site-map can be crafted fairly simply using XML file, after it is made, it can be submitted.

Quality User Experience

Of course, a site that is difficult to use or navigate can have a detrimental affect on your ranking. Ensure your site is well mapped, attractive, easy-to-use, loads quickly, and is optimized to mobile is going to appealing to Google and therefore result in positive outcomes for you.

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