Recommend reading: Witchblade is visually stunning and a great read following Alex, a troubled journalist turned victims advocate, who after dying returns to fight corruption in NYC with the help of a force she doesn't understand. There are a few ideas introduced that don't get explained or flushed out in this first trade but I'm excited for the next one. Also I went into this having never read any Witchblade before, I'll probably do a RR on the original later because it definitely sparked my interest.

HUGE TOMB RAIDER / WITCHBLADE COMICBOOK LOT! -Tomb Raider v1: 1-16,18-20, 22-29,42 (29 issues total) -Tomb Raider Journeys: 4, 9-11 -Tomb Raider / Witchblade revisited one shot -Tomb Raider take over 1 shot - Witchblade/ Tomb Raider 1 shot - Witch blade 6,8,31,42,48,58-62 (10 issues total) 49 issues total. 65$ plus shipping. (Ups ground. Will be calculated based on shipping location. Intl shipping accepted) Claim in comments! Will update when sold. Dm with questions.

FATHOM, WITCHBLADE & NOTTINGHAM Private Inking Commissions Pencils: Michael Turner Inks: Matt Batt Banning To finish off the work week here's a few inking commissions I've done over the late, Great Michael Turner. My former studio mate and my late night hacky sack bro. Witchblade & Aspen were over Mike's normal pencils, Nottingham off of a sketch with no blacks indicated.

Cosplay Prop vs. Artwork 👌 just showing a comparison with the graphic novel art vs. the Witchblade gauntlet I made. I digitally edited and painted it to look like the Volume 1 cover of Witchblade graphic novel from @topcow I know you all love seeing process pics showing how I've made things. Would you like to see more digital edits like this one? Quite happy with how it's turned out. Hope you all like 😁 . . . _________________________________________

If your motives aren't clean, money itself becomes evil. But When we don't have money enough evil, the world tells us we're losers. So what determines our place in society is not how much kindness is in our hearts but how much evil is in our wallet" -Todd Mcfarlane

The space elf wizard trainees come to play!