Immer noch eine der besten (animierten) Serien überhaupt.

Here are some images of my final costume for the MA Show I took part in. Inspired by the book "Thinner" by Stephen King is the story of a wealthy arrogant lawyer called Billy Halleck who whilst driving and receiving a hand job from his wife, accidentally runs over an old gypsy woman named Suzanne Lempeke. He gets away with this criminal act thanks to his close and long-established connections to Judge Carey Rossington who, when it comes to the trial rules in his favor. The judge shares the common prejudices against gypsies and has little regard for the victim. The gypsy women's brother is furious with this injustice and decides to take the law into his own hands. He curses Billey Halleck with the spell that makes him grow thinner and thinner until he wastes away into nothing. Concept and realization: Oliver To Performer: Alexander Lutley. Choreographer: Jenifer Jennifer Irons. Assistance: Ak Lie, Nuno Oliveira, Zhou Yang Photographer: Emmi Hyyppä Project Leadership Agnes Treplin for UAL: LCF.

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Sem sombra de dúvidas Tolkien foi um dos melhores escritores que já existiu, ele criou vários universos, entre eles o mais conhecido, a Terra Média, lugar de de morada de seres incríveis, dentre eles, Hobbits e Elfos. O Hobbit é o primeiro livro mais famoso de Tolkien, ele traz a história de um pequeno Hobbit, Bilbo Bolseiro, que é o personagem principal dessa história. Bilbo entra em uma aventura junto com o mago Gandalf e outros anões para recuperar o lar deles de um terrível dragão, Smaug (que dá nome a um dos filmes da franquia). Não é porque você assistiu os filmes de Hobbit que você pode deixar de ler o livro, sim, “o livro” não “os livros”, diferente de Lord Of Rings, The Hobbit só apresenta um livro, que é um pouco diferente do filme, sendo uma experiência única para o leitor. Além de um maior conhecimento sobre a Terra Média, o livro traz uma história incrível, que esbanja detalhes, como em qualquer livro de Tolkien; de outro modo, o livro traz exatamente todo o espírito do autor ao leitor, sendo cada personagem representado de uma maneira diferente, e representando muitas vezes algo a mais, como por exemplo, o Bilbo representar o leitor, que muitas vezes tem que sair em uma “aventura” mesmo sem querer ou ter a menor esperança que vai dar certo. O livro traz uma excelente narrativa e uma boa história, The Hobbit, sem duvida nem uma, é um dos grandes livros da literatura, que nunca há de ficar velho com o tempo, ele traz ensinamentos por trás de sua história, além de ser uma excelente opção para quem quer aprender um pouco sobre a Terra Média

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a be over. It means we’re one day closer to the Celebration That Shall Not Be Named @universalorlando!! I’ll be there Thursday-Sunday with the gang, Who else will I see? Also, I’m loving your guesses on what my first treat will be. I guess yesterday’s post was a little misleading.🍬🍭🥰

A new trailer is up for Shazam! After bestowing Teth-Adam, a slave from Kahndaq with powers and was forced to strip him of them until his reincarnation. The Wizard Shazam waited several millennia before appointing a second champion to fight evil in his name. Billy Batson was a foster child. Annoyed by his new family, which included Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla, he decided to leave as he's done countless times before but as he does he's whisked away to the Rock of Eternity where he meets the Wizard. There, he searched the boy's soul and saw that he was not perfectly good. When he told him so, Billy was instantly enraged, telling the wizard off for thinking that perfect good exists. The Wizard, seeing the boy's point, witnesses all the good Billy has done and accepts that the world has changed and now perfection has been exchanged for the hope of becoming good. Although he stated that he won't be able to take them back once given, the Wizard grants Billy the ability to wield the Living Lightning, turning him to the Champion, Shazam. Release date: April 5, 2019

Aquaman (2018) 7.1/10 ✅ “Trust me, I am no King” A.Curry Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world. Before his brother King Orm lead an all out war to the surface. Aquaman wasn’t a bad film but it wasn’t a really good film either. I have this thing with superhero movies where I pay too close attention to the adaptation from the comics (especially for DC)and for this film they did a pretty good job. IMO Jason Momoa as

#aquaman isn’t really my kind of portrayal as Aquaman but he does a damn good job with the character (Would’ve like to see Armie Hammer play as Aquaman since in the comics Aquaman is blonde). Amber Heard as #mera did a good job playing her character and I thought she was really special in the film. #kingorm (Patrick Wilson) and #blackmanta (Yahya Abdul- Mateen) both look really cool in this film since they’re adaptations were realistic and close enough to the comics, especially Aquamans orange suit.The films plot is somewhat decent. I sometimes lost interest because the dialogue had some cheesy lines but at the same time it was in a comic/superhero kind of way which isn’t bad but isn’t great either. I really wanted this film to be a prequel/origin story for Aquaman before Justice league since #warnerbros and Zack Snyder screwed it up so they can’t go back now. What the film really overcompensates for are the fight scenes. They’re unique and well choreographed. The way the cameras transition, the angles along with some CGI; it was good.The CGI in the film wasn’t too bad, it was decent for the most part. The only thing that really bothered me about this film was the soundtrack it was decent for the most parts of the film but....who the f*** had the idea to let Pit-Bull do a remix of Africa by Toto during the Sahara plane scene. Overall director James Wan(Saw) did a good job with this film, I’d be ok if he would work on a sequel for this film since his style of directing is pretty good and I’m quite glad that this film didn’t flop and that it was a commercial success. I think you should watch it yourself if you like superhero films 🌊🔱
A STAR IS BORN // George Cukor, 1954

Foi revelado um novo e hilário teaser de "Shazam!" 💥. Nele, podemos ver @zacharylevi sendo o herói que toda criança deseja ser. O longa, que estreia nos cinemas dia 5 de abril, promete ser uma das produções mais divertidas da @dccomics. E aí, gostaram do teaser? Não esqueça de deixar sua opinião nos comentários 👇

“If You Can Walk In My Shoes Than You Can Walk On Water” @artisthbtl 💯💯💯