Nach 130 Stunden Spielzeit (und dabei habe ich Gwent ignoriert, das hätte sicher nochmal ein paar Stunden daraufgelegt) bin ich durch mit The Witcher 3 und -Trommelwirbel - es hat meine Nummer 1 vom Trohn gestoßen. Bestes Spiel dass ich bisher gespiel habe, uneingeschränkte Empfehlung ❤️ Bin gespannt wie sich die kommende Netflix Serie schlägt 😊

Yennefer of Vengerberg, The Witcher

After hearing that Netflix were to release The Witcher as a series in late 2019 and seeing the awesome trailer i decided to either play the video game or read the books in advance. Opted for the books and I have been thoroughly thoroughly impressed. The story follows Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who's job is to rid the world of monsters, demons, ghouls and any other evil that is causing trouble. As long as the price is right, naturally. As the world becomes ravaged by war Geralt finds himself instead of fighting for cash, now fighting to save the ones he loves. It's a great series of books and now having just finished book 5 The Tower of the Swallow I'm moving on to book 6 The Lady of the Lake and the last in the series to wrap up the Witchers story. If the Netflix series is done right it could rival Game of Thrones it's that good. I cant wait!

. . When I found love, I didn’t do what the ordinary would, I fled from it, Until hunted down, And we grew through my fear, Now we share dreams together, Never to separate, It’s been a year that we had met, And today, As every other day, I love him even more. . . .

Yes Or No ? Yen & Geralt 💏💑 _ @witchernetflixplus

Succubus, The Witcher by @ketrincosplay and @tingilya.cosplay This shooting turned our to be really special. Originally we planned it during the golden hour, but in reality our golden light was slowly drowning in cloudy skies. While we were driving to the location it was clear that we are risking to loose our shooting because of the rain risk. We with @ketrincosplay literally stopped on a side road near just a field with a spectacular view and started working. We supposed to meet @tingilya.cosplay at the end of our shooting on a different location, but surprisingly she was driving the same road and noticed us :D So thanks to the bad weather we got that epic picture :O We had many neo-classical and romanticism paintings as a reference and I think got a really spot on picture. 👌What do you think? Do you see this picture hanging in your local museum? :)⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Event @pixelmaniaevent in

I've been nominated by @vinyls.and.doodles for showing my four favorite Movie Soundtracks I have not so many movie Soundtracks in my collection so I have put my favorite videogame soundtrack in this one. -Matrix (I have only soundtracks from the first movie but that’s my favorite trilogy ever and I love Reloaded and Revolutions soundtracks too so I've put all my Matrix vinyl here 😅) -The Clockwork Orange ( fantastic soundtrack !) -The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt and extensions soundtrack . .

— I’m really curious how Anya will portray Yennefer I know a lot of people are already disappointed with the casting especially for Yennefer but I will definitely give her a chance before I judge

" you know, when you are in bed at night, and the lights turn off, you can see the room. but when you turn on the lights and turn them off again, you can't see anything. the people I chase, they live in the dark, and I can see them very easily, until you came, because you are the light " Henry Cavill - Night Hunter . @henrycavill

نبذة عن أعز اصدقاء الويتشر جيرالت الشاعر "داندلاين" له دور كبير بالروايات ومهم تتعرفون عليه قبل نزول المسلسل 🎻. . - شخصية جميلة جداً ومتحمس اشوفه بالمسلسل وانتم 🔥؟ . . . . . . . . .

[ ENG ] Some time ago I created new characters for my comics universe. Characters were created quickly, so these are not the final concepts. Soon I will share other concepts and ideas. See you later ;) *** [ PL ] Jakiś czas temu, stworzyłem kilka nowych postaci do komiksu, którego akcja rozgrywa się w stworzonym przeze mnie uniwersum. Już wkrótce podzielę się większą ilością szkiców jak i informacji o wykreowanym świecie. Do zobaczyska ;) ***