I am now taking appointments and walk ins at @lostcowboytattoo in Santa Fe. My schedule is: Saturday ....11-7 Sunday ......12-5 Monday .....10-6 Tuesday .....10-6 Wednesday OFF Thursday ....OFF Friday ........10-6 I have hundreds of @mrflashmachine designs i would love to do plus of course anything STAR WARS also, please check out the amazing artists I work with and give the shop and them a follow, lots of great talent ready for the busy [email protected]_lost_cowboy @otatter @pabs_sinfuturo @budwizzo

😆I thrift and find many cool and awesome things... new with tags or very gently used....and here I am in these hand me down booties (from my daughter, she gave me yearsssss ago) with a hole in them 😂 if I ever find these in my size out thrifting, these will finally hit the road....for now I embrace these very worn out boots 😊 maybe I'll check eBay and see if anyone has something similar at a good price in my size of course- maybe, I have hopes I'll find in the wild yet hahaha!!!! 😁 I know I could just buy some new ones but at this point it's kinda like a mission impossible that I will conquer... someday.... Can anyone relate!?!? Lol!!!

Esta semana tuvimos la visita de Rodrigo Andrés. Todo un pequeño gran genio del programa @nbcgeniusjunior 🤓 Rodrigo es capaz de leer 250 páginas en 40 minutos, resolver problemas matemáticos sin papel ni calculadora e incluso ser tan inteligente como para elegir un restaurante como Nicomedes 😁 ¡Gracias por la visita Rodrigo y felicidades a su mamá @aidavegamedinilla por este gran genio. 😊 Happy New Year! 🍾 🍽

Cleaned up some pieces from The Dork Side by Mr. Flashmachine and I’d love to tattoo something off it! If the force is strong with you slide into them DMs you half witted, scruffy looking, nerf herder!

Behind the scenes making @star.wars.theory into Vader out of uniform with @drelamparellomua with @blakehunterrr for fan film “Vader: Shards of the past” process took 3 hours to apply all of the burns and appliances to mr Theory using props from @austinbennett_ and green screen costume from @tvsrobert. Used silicon prosthetics we made the night before, latex and third degree.