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Full dotwork/blackwork sleeve i started a few days ago. Thank you for your trust. 😊

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Selfie ft Hermie.

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🎨Artist @tyatx 🎨Awesome Color Composition in this Custom Tropical Tattoo🎨Thank You For Using Stickystripz

Foto da tattoo que rolou ontem aqui no meu estúdio @johnny.ferrera . • Tatuagem feita pelo tattooador @johnny.ferrera • ✓ Venham conhecer melhor o meu trabalho! • 👉 Orçamento via whatsapp 📲 12 991338849 • 👉Sigam também pelo Instagram @johnny.ferrera ________________________________________

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Let’s get after it. Start the week strong! Gear up and stay fitted with the best! - Www.train-4fit.com

Throwback to Dubai, sand surfing in the desert 🏄‍♀️

After 6 month in the learning process, I feel I made a great step forward towards being a tattoo artist with this piece 😍🖊 I am so grateful for the people that gave me an opportunity and taught me with passion the art of tattooing 🙏💚💚💚 Laura ink and Viraya ink. DM me to book your tattoo 😉