Good morning and you’re welcome. Look, there’s no question about two things. ☝🏻I’m addicted to sugar even this far into keto because I still use sugar replacement, therefore enabling the addiction with less guilt. ✌🏻before keto I was killing myself on the standard western diet, and contributing to my own downfall from anxiety to obesity.

Snickers crepes.... Yummmm.... I haven't been to @bayvistaparramatta for ages. But felt the urge this evening. This seems to be the only thing I order to but it's soooo good! I can't eat much, but a small portion is just what I needed. Hint: order it with the ice cream on the side so it doesn't melt and you can skip it if it's too rich, and always ask for less sauce because they're way too generous with the caramel and chocolate drizzle...

I love when I see these chocolate avocado muffins on your Instastories! (They ARE a great meal-prepping option!) This is one of those recipes I see people making all the time and it makes my heart happy! . If you've never tried baking with avocado, give it a whirl! It's a lovely way to add healthy fat to your recipe without additional oil or eggs. 🥣 . Plus, it breaks my heart to let an avocado go to waste! I often find myself making these when I have an avocado on the counter that is on the edge of getting tossed! 🥑 . Tap the link in my profile for the recipe!

Six years since you came into my life and filled my heart with more love than you will ever know.

Country Cheesecakes fresh from the kitchen! Who else has a sweet tooth today? 👋

A little down time in the city yesterday... after meetings needed a little pick me up! Stopped by one of my favorite spots for some matcha tea and Prince Cake @SANTAMBROEUS. Just couldn’t help myself and so happy I didn’t!

As my favorite @marvel villain, Loki (@twhiddleston), would say: "I do what I want." 😜 I sure as hell did! 😆 Tonight, I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Sweet Talk with Aliza Podcast with some dessert. 😏 I will continue to celebrate over the weekend at @beetlehousenyc. 🎃 Who knows? I may even celebrate throughout the whole month! 😄 Thanks once again to everyone for all of your love and support. 😍🤗😘 Love you all! 💕 Now, I end this by saying @chrismotionless words from one of my favorite @miwband songs, Necessary Evil,: "I'ma have my f**king cake and eat yours too." 🍰😋

Happy New Year everybody. Let it be sweet! Where do YOU find sweetness? And how do YOU hold onto those moments when life feels crazy? Life is busy and full of ups and downs, but regardless of what’s happening, I try to make time for my sweet ones. When I’m feeling flustered and frustrated, this is where I try to center myself. Sweetness. Love. That’s what makes my world go round. You?

Ich liebe es zu naschen. Oft Schokolade oder ähnlichen Süßkram, aber heute hab ich mir mal wieder einen etwas gesünderen Snack gegönnt 🍭 Das sind meine allerliebsten Datteln die es hier zu kaufen gibt. Nicht gerade günstig, aber einfach soooo lecker. (Werbung?)