I really do have a love-hate relationship with this original Clone Wars movie. We’ll start with the love. It introduced us to so many things. It started what has to be my favourite TV series of all time. It introduced us to AHSOKA, who some of you may know is my FAVOURITE CHARACTER of all time. We meet Rex, and Ventress crosses in, and the lightsaber fights and aaaah I could go on forever. This movie started so much, and for that I am grateful. It does have lots of things going for it, such as some good storytelling - although I do understand it’s really just some episodes slapped together. I have so much nostalgia for this movie - and always tear up when Ahsoka first appears, and generally whenever there’s a sappy moment between Ahsoka and Anakin. However, there are many things I dislike about this movie. Some aspects, such as the Zero stuff, I find to be rather boring. The voice acting really isn’t that good - but this is something that really steps up immeasurably moving into the TV show. The plot isn’t anything overly special - honesty I would rather think about this as episodes in a show rather than a movie. But, as I said, simply too much good came out of this movie. I know kid-me absolutely loved it! It gets a 3/5 from me!

What fandom got you into cosplay? For me it was the Star Wars EU. I loved all the expanded universe books and it was a group of friends from the fandom who convinced me to go to my first DragonCon in 2006! Most of the costumes I made for the first few years I went were all EU costumes as well which were suuuuuper obscure but we all had a ton of fun doing groups with them. I drifted away from the fandom years ago but it was really nice to revisit that with my Mara Jade costume and feel that same sense of passion and love for a thing that got me started on this in the first place! . . . . . .

Happy Sunday everyone! I've spent the afternoon taking pics for here, having finally been blessed with some sunshine! 😊 Now I'm finally going to start Inferno Squad! Huzzah! 🌟 🌟 🌟 My thoughts before going in - I've played about half of the campaign mode on BF2 and can confirm Iden rocks, Del Meeko is wonderful and Hask... not so much! 😂 I'm hyped for some Imperial perspective, even though I did like Saw's partisans a lot and I'm not sure how I feel about them being hunted down! I'm mostly just looking forward to getting to know Iden better and learn where Inferno Squad got their fearsome reputation from! 🌟 🌟 🌟

‘Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival’ picks up immediately after the last book as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan head to Bandomeer. The two Jedi are not yet Master and Apprentice, and Qui-Gon remains unwilling to take Obi-Wan on as his apprentice. However, as we continue to discover, much of this isn’t Obi-Wan’s fault. Things go awry when Xanatos - the former apprentice of Qui-Gon - appeared to be behind their mission. It seems that Obi-Wan is destined to join the Agricultural Corps, but inevitably when Xanatos appears too friendly and the mystery deepens, Obi-Wan is drawn into it. I love how Watson has written Obi-Wan here. It’s so odd always thinking of Anakin as the one who gets himself into trouble, but Obi-Wan is exactly the same! As the plot progresses, we learn why Xanatos feels so much hate towards his former master, and just what went down between them - plus two duels! This book is a short read, but always keeps moving. One thing I disliked is that the background characters here are rather bland, and it is hard to tell them apart. However, this far there hasn’t been a dull moment! It’s nice to see that Obi-Wan has already grown by this point, and is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. I also really enjoyed the moment when Qui-Gon finally accepts Obi-Wan - and the rest is history! This book gets a 3.5/5 from me!

‘Hidden Enemy’ is the second prequel episode to the theatrical movie for the Clone Wars. It sets in motion many of the events that we do later see in the movie, and I think it’s absolutely essential to watch these two episodes in chronological order! I understand why these were released out of order - obviously when you have a theatrical release you can’t just randomly have two episodes beforehand. There are so many moments to love from this episode. Oddly, perhaps my favourite is when Anakin is trying to cross to the tower where Obi-Wan is getting attacked. When Anakin slashes an ‘x’ into the window then shatters it with a powerful shove with the Force you instantly get a feel for the command Anakin now has over it. However, I think this episode has a very important message. Slick - the traitor in this episode - is a Clone. He reveals his reasoning for his betrayal as “striking a blow for all Clones.” To him, the Clones are blindly following orders and dying in a war they were created for. He was offered freedom - a chance to ‘break his chains’ - and I can understand why he would do what he did. It’s definitely a heavy question, wherein these Clones are living sentient beings that are ultimately bred to die without a say - and really is an ethical dilemma. This is something you just don’t get from the movies, and I absolutely love how this show fleshes out this question and the Clones more fully. Another fantastic aspect is that we see the first fight with VENTRESS!!! Boy do I love Ventress - and especially where their story goes. In canon, I’d love to see how Obi-Wan starts this banter war with her. I did enjoy this episode, but it’s definitely not one of my favourites. There’s something about the way you find out Slick is the traitor and how it’s predominantly setup that stops me from connecting with it fully. But for now, this episode gets a 3/5 from me.

‘Outbound Flight’ is one of those novels that I always wanted to read, but never got around to actually delving into. I’m a big Zahn fan, as I’m sure many of us are. Having read many of his books, and most recently ‘Thrawn’ and ‘Thrawn: Alliances’, it was an interesting experience reading through an alternative version of Thrawn’s early encounters with the Republic. The premise for this book itself is fascinating: the Republic - namely a certain Jedi named Jorus C’baoth - are going ahead with a project called Outbound Flight that will go beyond the known reaches of the galaxy. There are, of course, many problems that arise. I found the first third of the novel to be rather slow, although I did enjoy the setup that demonstrates how C’baoth is standoffish, immensely proud, and believes the Jedi are greater than everyone else. His arc is one that actually made me wonder if Palpatine did the galaxy a favor by getting rid of the old Jedi - although ultimately his ways of enforcement through the Jedi are stopped by his own Jedi comrades. The story of Outbound Flight is a tragic one, and one that ultimately didn’t need to happen - it was only destroyed because of C’baoth’s own pride. I enjoyed the various characters in this novel - and was so happy Obi-Wan and Anakin featured! I didn’t find the Thrawn stuff quite as interesting as the rest of the book, although I did enjoy Thrass - his brother - but thought that it was slightly repetitive after having read the newer Thrawn books. ‘Mist Encounter’, the short story included with this book, was also reused in the ‘Thrawn’ book - which I hadn’t know before (although obviously changed a bit). There is far too much to unpack from this book, although ultimately the thing that has stuck with me the most were attitudes towards the Jedi - which were NOT positive. I’m excited to reread the Thrawn Trilogy, and eventually Survivor’s Quest after having read this book. It gets a 3.75/5 from me!

Let's hear it for the boys!!! I know I rave a lot about space ladies on here 😁 but I thought it would be nice to mix it up with a post dedicated to some of the wonderful (and not so wonderful 😈) men of the Legends universe! 🌟 🌟 🌟 I'd say three of the guys featured here make my top ten favourite SW characters of all time - Jacen Solo, Darth Bane and Legends Luke! Jacen Solo is for sure also in my top 5 with Legends Luke currently bickering with Qi'ra over the 5th spot! 😜 I can't wait to reach the Prequels era of my Legends read and dive more into the stories of Maul and Mace! 🌟 🌟 🌟 QOTD: Who are some of your favourite male characters from Star Wars? 🌟 🌟 🌟

‘Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force’ is the first book in the ‘Jedi Apprentice’ series, and tells the story of a young Obi-Wan and his first encounter with the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Given that ‘Master & Apprentice’ comes out in a few months, I’m super excited to read this series to prepare. This book exposed me to an Obi-Wan I hadn’t expected to see. He is full of anger and rage, and hasn’t yet fully attuned himself with the Force. What’s more, he is almost of an age where he cannot be accepted as a Padawan and must be shipped off to the Agricultural Corps. His salvation arrived in the form of Qui-Gon - but, due to his last apprentice falling to the Dark Side, Qui-Gon isn’t willing to take Obi-Wan as an apprentice - especially because he feels Obi-Wan could do the same. Much of this book takes place on a ship where there are two opposing mining factions caught in a small conflict. Obi-Wan really makes all of the wrong choices here, and is highly impulsive. He often had good intentions, but he does do things for the wrong reason (like trying to impress Qui-Gon). I do like that Obi-Wan isn’t the perfect character here - that he has a lot of growing up to do. We’ve seen Anakin go through a tumultuous childhood (although he isn’t exactly an example to live by), so I’m super excited to see how Obi-Wan fared! This book gets a 3.5/5 from me - and I’m excited to see how this series progresses!!!

There’s no better way to start the day! ‘Cat and Mouse’ is the first episode of the Clone Wars in chronological order, so there is no better place to start for my reviews of this INCREDIBLE series. Like so many, I grew up with this show and can’t wait for Season 7 - so in the meantime, I’m going to do a rewatch with a difference. ‘Cat and Mouse’ is a pretty great episode that is typical of the early days of the Clone Wars. Taking place before the movie, this episode sees Yularen and Anakin getting to know each other better - and his acceptance of Anakin’s reckless tactics. We also see how our Jedi came to be on Christophsis for the film - which is actually pretty cool (although confusing if you don’t watch this in chronological order). The stealth ship is an element of Star Wars that I don’t like too much - if this technology was freely available then why don’t we see it subsequently? It is rather cool that this ship inspired the Carrion Spike, which is Tarkin’s corvette and then owned by Terex in the Poe Dameron comics. The way that Anakin defeats Admiral Trench is quite creative, and I remember watching this episode as a kid and really being awed. While this isn’t my favorite episode, it’s a nice way to begin the Clone Wars and does set the scene for what a lot of the first two seasons has. Oh, and Bail Organa saying “help me General Kenobi, you’re my only hope” made my spine tingle a little! It gets a 3.25/5 from me! Oh, and my Loth Cat decided the episode title was about him!

Maul:Lockdown was a typical middle of the road novel. I already disliked Joe Schreiber's 'Red Harvest'...this wasn't much better. Not many interesting characters to make the plot captivating, the gore wasn't THAT interesting but maybe that's just me. I found myself wanting to just read the plot summary online...but I pulled through nonetheless. The ending redeems the book a bit but not enough to make it worthwile. 5/10 Next up: Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

(Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Volume 1: Part 3 of 3) Following the murder of her husband Andur, at the behest of Bogga the Hutt, Nomi Sunrider takes up her husband’s pilgrimage to deliver Adegan crystals to Jedi Master Thon. Taking her baby daughter Vima with her, Nomi travels to the world of Ambria where she meets Oss Wilum, a Vultan man who is riding a huge four-legged beast. After Oss’s home is attacked by Bogga, the four-legged beast reveals itself to be Master Thon and he agrees to take Nomi on as a Jedi apprentice. Following a few more encounters with Bogga and the Hutt’s grunts, Nomi employes the Jedi art of battle meditation to defend herself and Thon. While Nomi Sunrider will go on to be a fantastic character who has a really moving story, I find these issues to be pretty generic and dull, especially bearing in mind they follow on from the Beast Wars of Onderon.

I found a Chewie! Went to this far af away mall few days ago for a Craigslist meetup and it had this toy shop with the most SW figures I have ever seen in one store. Only good ones were Chewie and ANH Leia who I already have and the rest was no good, but still, the amount is encouraging. I will probably be dragging my ass over there fairly often now. Good thing I got lots of books for the two mf hour trip. I brought him home, opened the box and laughed because they had to bend his knees and put him in half sideways because he's too tall for the mf box 😂 Took so long to post b/c the days I work morning shift, morning is still too dark to get good enough lighting for nice photos and by the time I get back its already too dark fuhk this miserable time of year I want some sunshine goddammit! And I finally got the shelf over my desk set up and all my figures and Japanese NJO cover printouts on it. It all looks fucking awesome I love it! - will try to post pics the next time I'm home when its light out. . . . .