A little glance at the ladies I’m putting on paper today. 🍯🐝♊️

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Letter N for nomad tent. Swipe for pen drawing. Draw the alfabet- buildings. I have decided to draw only buildings of Nora’s magical world 🗺 I am going to have to create lots of them from scratch. Because I haven’t created a lot of buildings yet in Nora’s magical world 🗺. And, as an extra challenge, all new buildings have to be jugendstill (art nouveau) inspired 😅 @beckagriffin

Texto: @ybuenosdesayunos Ilustración:

"Blood moon and Umbra" - The skull bowl now instead of fire, swirled with the blood of both Gods and Demons. Yet surprisingly the earth was not tainted by a single drop, like she had taken away all the red. - When she calmed down, she took all that blood and started to make a Blood Moon. The Sun, the earth and the moon were slowly brought into perfect alignment, no God had ever fathomed this and was baffled by the sight. - A total "Lunar Crimson Eclipse". - - - The moon passed over "Umbra" the darkest and the most central area to Earth's shadows. Every entity in that moment felt that they were gliding through this bleak darkness within themselves. - - Moon usually drank the light straight from the sun, but today it roamed parched in the darkest lands on Earth. just like when we go through a dark phase, the moon thought it will fuse too, dimmed by fatigue. The benevolent Earth wouldn't let that happen, it let the moon drink a bit of sunlight which was bouncing off her. - The atmosphere had a filtration system, "Rayleigh scattering" the phenomenon that causes all myriad colors during the sun sets and rises. Since the moon was absorbing a small amount of light, only the color Red reached, as it was the least altered. - On blood moons, the moon is the closest to Earth and so are it's pulls and ebbs and flows. - This eclipse, symbolizes, when light is bestowed over you, it is so because you chose to brave the harsh realities of life. You may know or not know what to self-reflect yet but today when you'll see the Red Moon. - - Remember, that the blood of both the gods and demons are your good and bad thoughts swirling with no distinction and that you must make a blood moon of all of that, with a little light you can still shine splendidly. - Feel lighter and love even more fiercely.
 May the prayers from the wolves reach the moon tonight. - - Story : Abhi - - -

What a beautiful love story, just had to share more of these gorgeous pics of Mike and Nicky Tindall on their wedding day! Congratulations again!!❤️it was an honor being part of your special day!! Custom made hand dyed, silk wedding gown. . . . Photographs by Vanilla Photography . . . . . Come to Abigail Betz for the gown of your dreams.

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