Only when you put aside self, can you finally find strength to fight. Sorry for the lack of new content! I am nearly done with my secret project, I just lack the funds to properly finish it. I DO have some cosplay items still up for sale if you wish to help out and make a purchase! This sketch pic was inspired by one my dear friend @morganmahn did the other day! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

@jakegyllenhaal’s performance in Nightcrawler scares the shit out of me and ultimately drives the story forward in a very compelling way. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, as well as Donnie Darko. Marvel are some lucky bastards for getting him to play Mysterio. - - -

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I’ve had multiple of arguments with Harry Potter fans before and what they say is gibberish ——————————————————— Be sure to follow my partners ❤️ @highgroundmemes @anakins.lightscber @jango_meme @malgus_memes_ @you_are_a_bold_one @lord_gonk_the_wise @darth_bane_memes @theswgalaxy @jediyoungling @highgroundtheory @padmeme.amidala @marshal_commander_delta @darth_gonk ———————————————————

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Ik a kid at my school did a presentation about fortnite, I gave him the death stare for few a seconds and left ——————————————————— Be sure to follow my partners ❤️ @highgroundmemes @anakins.lightscber @jango_meme @malgus_memes_ @you_are_a_bold_one @lord_gonk_the_wise @darth_bane_memes @theswgalaxy @jediyoungling @highgroundtheory @padmeme.amidala @marshal_commander_delta @darth_gonk ———————————————————

I know quite a bit of people got pissed off at Rey and Kylo Ren communicating through the force in The Last Jedi, but it’s happened before. In The Empire Strikes Back, Vader communicates to Luke through when they are in two different places, so it has happened before! . (Follow for more!) .

Çok fazla umut vermek istemiyorum çünkü şu zamana kadar çıkan her haber ya yanlış ya da doğru olmasına rağmen son anda engellenmişti. Şimdi ise uzun zamandan beri duyduğum 2 haftalık sürece girdik. Bu iki hafta içinde en azından Bölüm IX’un adını almamız lazım çünkü bütün söylentiler bu iki haftadan sonraki bir zamanda belli bir tarihte herhangi bir şey çıkabilir demiyor. Tabiki Lucasfilm bizi merakta bekletmeyi seçebilir ama filmin pazarlama yönteminin TFA’nınkine benzer olacağı söylenmişti. Eğer Lucasfilm geçmişte de yaptığı gibi Super Bowl’u bir fırsat olarak kullanmazsa gerçekten parmaklarımızı çapraz yapıp filmin adının gelmesini bekleyeceğiz. Ayrıca Bölüm IX’un çekimleri Şubat ayının sonlarına doğru bitmiş olacak

Most Wanted Sets of January 2019 10) Rex's Rextreme Offroader 9) Escape Pod vs. Dewback 8) Bat-Mech vs. Poison Ivy 7) Spider-Man's Spider Crawler 6) The Skrull Attack 5) Dodge Demon & Charger 4) Death Star Escape 3) Benny's Space Squad 2) Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack 1) Spider-Man Bike Rescue What do you think of this list? What are your most wanted sets of 2019?

I absolutely love this scene between Luke and Leia, a.k.a Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. This is pretty much an entire scene from the 3rd original but is named the 6th movie ("Return of the Jedi") from the star Wars George Lucas franchise which has now been taken over by Disney @disneystudios @disney @starwars @hamillhimself

Dúvidas, dúvidas... Tem como escolher todos? 😂✨♥️

about last Women March ⭐️

Which starfighter has the stupidest design? 😂 I’m going with the the TYE-Wing; it has no strengths! XD [although I admit it looks “cooler” than the Y-TIE—aka the “Why-TIE?]. Rebel Troopers often called them “DIE-Wings” for their terrible weakness... - Also if you didn’t know already, an “Ugly” is a term referring to any type of starfighter that had been repaired using parts salvaged from other starfighters.