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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing video game released in 2003. We have a copy for PC for sale. Claim/ questions DM us. This is a game I had alot of fun with as a kid, as I got introduced to video games first on a PC.Anyone still playing? Been very tempted to jump back in😎 Can you see Disney working on something during this era? Hope to see this at some point soon, such great stories to tell!


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Darth Nihilus was a dark lord of the Sith during the Old Repubic age who was caught in a catastrophic event; a “mass shadow” destroyed everything on a planet called Malachor V. Nihilus, after getting affected by the shadow became force hungry and as a result of his severe physical damage, he gradually transformed into a physical embodiment of the force. Nihilus’ affliction led to the point where he encased his spirit in his mask and armor which transformed him into an immortal being. Nihilus was responsible for the dark wars and the Jedi Purge, which almost caused the full extinction of the Jedi. Nihilus grew so immensely powerful and such a hunger that he eventually began destroying planets by sucking the life force out of every inhabitant. Nihilus eventually died at the hands of Meetra Surik, one of the few remaining Jedi that survived the purge. Follow for more Star Wars Legends facts! • • • • • •

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So Disney want me to forget that all of this ever happened and that their inferior work is ‘canon’. Kiss my arse. I make my own canon and your movies barely hold a candle to ANY of these stories. Start by focusing on a good story and leave identity politics out of a galaxy far far away. EDIT: And enough with the millennial fucking humour, hearing Poe What’s his face mumbling about whether Hux is there wasn’t funny.

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