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TATTOO APPRENTICESHIP VACANCY Requirements: - must be available 4-5 days a week, 10am-6pm, this will include weekends. - no drink, drugs or egos - must work well with others - you will be expected to have good customer service skills as you will spend time on the front desk aswell as housekeeping - must have an exceptional portfolio - showing your personal flair and demonstrating a range of styles - a great attitude and willingness to listen and learn from others - no home tattooists This is an unpaid position - don't expect to be picking up a tattoo machine any time soon. You will get out what you put in!
BLUEBERRY APPLE CRUMBLE PROTEIN OATS. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, they are as delicious as they sound. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Adjust quantities depending on goals. Mass gain/fat loss. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 cup / 1/2 cup oats ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 scoops / 1 scoop vanilla whey protein ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 cup frozen blueberries ------------------------------------------------------------------ Whole / half apple ------------------------------------------------------------------ Stick it all in a pan with some water and bobs your mother's brother. Coffee is mandatory ☕👌
Winter is here ☺️💕
🕯 WarmUp with 150 DU and some optional stretch. 5 Rounds: 5 Deadlift 2 RopeClimb 30s Handstand 5 Ring Toes2Bar 5x5 Clean & Jerk 100cal AirBike & 20 Burpees 200cal SkiErg & 40 Situps 300cal Row & 60 Airsquats
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바르는 뽁뽁이로 겨울대비 내가 좋아라하는 바깥풍경이 잘 안 보이지만 추운게 더 싫은 관계로.. 지금도 눈이 엄청 오는데도 잘 안보임 ❄🌨❄🌨❄🌨❄🌨❄🌨❄🌨
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💛🎄Happy Heaton Today! 🎄💛 Amazing to see so many little ones celebrating in our special Christmas sessions at Heaton Baptist Church today! We absolutely love watching such special friendships grow as your babies develop together! Thank you so much everyone 🌟
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@sdwhiteside70 making use of the fact we had all the plates to ourselves @pioneerperformance this evening and getting stuck into 220kg x 5 trap bar deadlift. This is a 10kg pb and by the looks of it sets of 5 has done absolute wonders for Simon's strength. This time of year is always very reflective for me and to look back at numbers and see Simon is deadlifting 60kg more for sets of 5 than he was 14 months ago is bloody outrageous. It seems lifting heavy and improving technique is a magical combination 💪who'd have thought it aye!
✨ CINDERELLA continues tonight ✨ If you haven't got your tickets yet then what are you waiting for? Grab your glass slippers, magic that pumpkin into a coach & join us before the clock strikes midnight! ✨ 👠 🤣 🎶 💃 🕺🐴 . .
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Delivery for @bearnaturalkitchen 🖤 . Snickers Christmas Cake Bars Peanut Butter Cups Salted Caramel Cheezecake . ALL plant based & free from gluten, dairy & refined sugars, no soy just 100% natural ingredients with no hidden nasties! . Find Bear & Natural Kitchen on Heaton Road 👌🏻 .
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Opera LED Facial⠀ ⠀ Get your voucher here: https://buff.ly/2Sdn1A3⠀ ⠀ Growing old can be rather scary right, wrinkles and everything else! Well this treatment may look scary like the scream horror movie mask with lights but rest assured it is completely pain free and right now celebrities are climbing over each other to use and endorse it as not only a way to look and feel younger but to look radiant and beautiful.⠀ ⠀ his breakthrough anti-aging treatment really delivers and has other HUGE benefits including reducing acne, rejuvenating and tightening skin to look and feel both smoother and younger has finally come to us in Newcastle.⠀ ⠀ The treatment used by celebrities to get their results can now be used by you.⠀ ⠀
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MUSCLE BUILDING TRANSFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is what the result of hard work and consistency looks like when it comes to building some solid muscle 🙌🙌🙌 these photos are 14 months apart and show a consistent and steady mass gain for Ben with minimal body fat gained alongside. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Massive results @benp0tter 💪and here's what Ben has to say about it: ----------------------------------------------------------------- "I started training not knowing much about what it actually was thought I’d walk into the gym and just start benching straight away, whereas over the years now I understand you need to build things up before jumping into new movements then you can start going heavy." ----------------------------------------------------------------- "The most enjoyable bit was seeing the outcomes and feeling/looking a lot stronger, least enjoyable was actually having to put in the work week in week out, to get the outcomes you want, especially giving it time for your body to grow." ----------------------------------------------------------------- "Training has only effected my life in a positive way, things being lighter then they have ever been, feeling strong enough to do things you previously couldn’t and who wouldn’t enjoy eating a shit tone of food to get bigger 💪" ----------------------------------------------------------------- Super proud of the hard work and effort Ben has put in over the years with me. He's nearly 3 stone heavier, miles stronger and walks in with his head held high. He literally gets bigger every time he walks in the doors these days 😂💪💪💪
TRAINING WITH AN INJURY By no means would I consider myself a 'rehab specialist'. That's a title I would consider reserved for people professionally qualified to diagnose and treat an injury- physiotherapists for example. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, I do consider myself well able to help people train around injuries and take steps to make a recovery from an injury. And I've had the opportunity to work with clients who've had back injuries, knee replacements, hip injuries and shoulder injuries when they came to me. I'll be the first person to refer out when it's out of my scope of practice, which has led me to learn an awful lot from the team at @activatephysiotherapy . However, I'd also be the first person to say 'let's figure out a way we can train around this and keep you moving forward'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simple things done well: not loading painful movements, getting strong in available movements, building momentum, focusing on positives and gradually reintroducing and progressing movements that were once painful (with the help of other professionals if needed). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It can be a difficult journey sometimes, but little steps really do add up. I've pictured @jonopearce_ here, as he's made such fantastic progress since starting with me. What's been one of the coolest things is when he's had to take his foot off the gas and deload for a week and watching the penny drop as he has to do 60kg instead of 80kg on his squat...thinking back to his first week of doing trx supported squats. A shining example of perseverance, determination and patience. 🙌
Activity Voucher for up to 20 people (Christmas gift idea) ⠀ ⠀ Get your voucher here: https://buff.ly/2Lb4Wzh⠀ ⠀ Choose from the below 6 activities⠀ ⠀ -Bubble football⠀ - Archery combat⠀ - Goggle games⠀ - Dodgeball⠀ - Nerf rivals (adults)⠀ - Nerf party (kids)⠀ ⠀ - All equipment provided⠀ - Duration: 60 minutes⠀ - All equipment provided⠀ - Includes instructor to run the game⠀ - Based at Walker (Newcastle) but can travel all over the North East⠀ ⠀ Tag your mates with the activity you would love to do..⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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SUPPLEMENTS. There's a lot of nonsense that gets pushed out there. 'You need x to achieve y'. The truth is, you more than likely don't. However, there may be times when some become more applicable for you. The example I'll use here is the current intra workout I drink, which is simply creatine and a carbohydrate powder (highly branched cyclic dextrin). The reason I started having this was after a conversation with @_jacklovett when I visited Spartan a few months back. I was flagging big time half way through sessions and couldn't stomach solid carbs (Haribo 😂) and this has been a game changer for me. But if the big picture isn't taken care of first: sleep, calories, training load and volume....supplements should probably be the last thing on your priority list unless medically advised otherwise. And if you are considering any supplements, @examinedotcom is a good place to check out an unbiased overview before you decide.
Paint Balling Day (Group)⠀ ⠀ Get your voucher here: https://buff.ly/2q6vckQ⠀ ⠀ Does your working week sometimes get on top of you too much and doesn’t give you the chance to do the fun, adrenaline games and activities you want… well we have an offer for you! ⠀ ⠀ Perfect day out to spend with friends rather than the usual pub and pint idea, also great plan for any upcoming birthday, day out or excuse to get the gang together. ⠀ ⠀ For only £15 get a paint-balling day out at one of the UK’s premium paint-balling sites, not only does the price include your full equipment hire and 100 paintballs each but also your lunch, a drink and a chocolate treat.⠀ ⠀
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We've got our first ever stand up comedy night at Shoe Tree this Thursday with the nationally acclaimed comedy night Viva Las Vegans! Three amazing comedians entertaining you all evening: Che Burnley, Nick Cranston and host Matt Hoss. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vegan nachos, cake, coffee and tea as well as beer and wine available throughout the night. Advance tickets @wegottickets £7 or £10 OTD
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Juggling Jack Flash - circus performer and magician doing a performance in Northumberland Street. I think the McDonald’s logo behind the flames is quite fitting, don’t you? @jugglingjackflash
❤️❤️ Please donate and share and be a local hero ❤️❤️⠀ ⠀ Buy a three course meal for a homeless or vulnerable person this Christmas for just £5 here - ⠀ buff.ly/2EbUciF⠀ ⠀ For the same price as a drink or even instead of buying ⠀ Christmas cards that are thrown straight out after Christmas you can make someone in real need feel wanted. ⠀ ⠀ Give the greatest gift you are likely to give this Christmas.⠀ ⠀ Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and shared so far. You are amazing 💖⠀ ⠀
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