Hi everyone, welcome to my new account! I thought to start off I’d post a collage of all the characters I have done so far, just so you all know what to expect. The majority of my content will no longer be Harley (don’t worry she’s not gone forever) but it was time to reinvent my account as one with variety. Plus I hope to attract an audience that doesn’t just want Harley. I really want to up my game and improve my content so hopefully you will all see the changes! And most importantly, I hope you enjoy the content. 💖 . . .

This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes out to the amazing @heidimaetrix! Yes, I did choose a Harley cosplayer last week, but this picture was just too cool not to share! This is an awesome Harley/Pennywise mash-up and Heidi nails it! So, @heidimaetrix, this one goes out to you! Everyone go and check out her page! . . .

the craziest fun you’ve ever had ❣️

come out come out wherever you are...!

let’s have a play date 🎈

Harley Quinn, nice ta’ meet ya’. See, now I’m no longer a stranger, Georgie.

This ones v cute too ❤️🖤