New theme! I can’t function without some kind of border, sorry 😂 This is an old old Dipper shot that Lizzie took of me because I have noTHING NEW THATS GOOD show: Gravity Falls character: Dipper Pines 📷: lizzie (untagged)

⚠️ “Did you miss me? Admit it, you missed me.” ⚠️ . . Hahaha I totally jumped up and photobombed this shot, but it actually turned out to be pretty cute since Jess went with it. 😂 . . Bill: @ctc_cosplay . Dipper: me . 📸: @onichild_art . .

tb to 2017 and the comic festival tampere kuplii. i started as a right hand for the cosplay coordinator and did punch of stuff before the convention, at the convention and hosted a cosplay competition for the first time with non else than @starblom as adult mabel and dipper (bc you know, we're too adults to be 12). this was a special thing to do especially to me because i worked with the finnish tour of rocky horror show and since they had their shows at the same convention center, we got their frank-n-further, sami saikkonen, a finnish actor and dancer, to visit our small competition and tell us about their show. sami also did a beautiful speech about being true to yourself and we gave him an opportunity to choose his favorites from the competition. i did the honor to introduce him to the stage and i fucked it up so bad. thank god sami just laughed WITH me and not at me. it was nice to hear after the day that sami really enjoyed this kind of experience and it was very new to him and he was happy to see talented young people waisting their time so well. also i had great time crafting our stage "props" with @mae_rye and i bet that there's still glitter in my old apartment. now days i'm full-on cosplay coordinator for tampere kuplii and i decided to stay back stage and won't go to the stage as a host for a some time. 🌈 📷 tytti levänen

" Thou must realise that blood is not a sign of danger; it's a sign of vigilance. "