Viajar inspira!🛫 E inspirou a nossa cliente @inespraxedes a renovar o visual, unhas com emaltação de longa duração @gelish_official, com um belo corte prático e luzes para iluminar 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐲 @tatibonfiim 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 𝐛𝐲 me . . . ✍🏻Agendamentos @casablancariopreto (17) 3235 3838 (17) 98219 2299 . .

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Had a cute day out at the lakes today with Luna 🐶 and my little sis in law 💞.. although it rained all day ☔️ When we got home we created this fab little set 💖 The famous abstract design that all nail techs KILL💥.. watch till the end of the video for a surprise 🤪😆


Love these little cuties!!!🤑 USING: @the_gelbottle_inc SERENA, FLAX & PEPPERMINT If I have 1 improvement I’m going to try and move forward with in 2020 is really to focus on nail art! I’m super heavy handed so that doesn’t help 🤣

Marble effect nails 💓💅🏻😻 I enjoyed playing around with this effect

😍❤️ This week and next are both fully booked, appointments are now available September onwards. The first week of September is filling fast, some appointments are still available on Tuesday 3rd, Thursday 5th and Saturday the 7th of September but are very limited! (Saturday the 7th is my only Saturday left in September which is free all the others are currently fully booked) message or call to book💅🏻 📲📞📓 • • •

😻 ممنون که لایک می کنید 😻 . 🔹کارگاه تخصصی کاشت ژل 🔸شهریور ماه 🔹محدوده :تهران رودهن 🔸توسط مدرس رسمی کمپانی تونز آمریکا حدیث بشارتی 🔺استحکام سازی ناخن طبیعی با ژل 🔻ژل پولیش ناخن طبیعی و کاشت 🔺متد مواد گذاری انواع ژل 🔻فشن ژل 🔺هارد ژل 🔻پینت ژل 🔺روش های صحیح سوهان کشی دستی و برقی 🔻انواع نصب صحیح فرمر 🔺پینچ کردن کاشت بدون استفاده از پینچر و گیره 🔻انواع گریم و سر فرنچ 🔺انواع شیپ ها 🔻مربع نرم 🔺ارک 🔻گوتیک 🔺میندال 🔻گوتیک الموند 🔺میندال گوتیک 🔻اج 🔹برای ثبت نام و اطلاعات بیشتر تماس بگیرید 09211663736 . @hadis_bsh_nail @hadis_bsh_nail @hadis_bsh_nail @hadis_bsh_nail @hadis_bsh_nail . . . . . . . . .