Hey I have a challenge for you. Could you guess which class are more geek than the other. And who s Youcoders are the most geekyyyyy

VALENTINES OFFER 🍫🌹 ...Dont buy flowers.. Buy tattoos!! Famous cartoon couples £50 each.. Or have one character each... Still £50!! 💉💁🏽‍♀️.. Requests for characters welcome.. This offer is available for the whole of February.. 🐝🖤

"This photo will be your last! " For me this photo looks like from Gotham's Newspaper article about two villains who robbed the bank or escaped Arkham Asylum. Black and white rules sometimes! 🌿Ivy: @queen_of_spiders 💚 📷: @kszwarc

Super Smash Bros. first released 20 years ago to the day for the Nintendo 64. It launched one of the most successful fighting series of all time. Who was your main back in the day?

Funko fans and Persona fans rejoice! I had no idea I needed these until I saw that Persona 5 Funko figures were being made starring Joker, Panther, Skull, and Mona! If you had to pick one of these, who would it be? My money's most likely going to Joker or Ann

Swipe for more photos Im usually super shy and reserved I had a BLAST being flirtatious and sexy while dressed up as Draco’s sister 🐍 🐍 🐍

Eeeeitaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂 (Quem entendeu entendeu ) Anime: Darling in the franxxx 🌼Se inscreva no canal da Bio🌼 . . . . Siga mais conteúdo de otaku nas PARCERIAS: @ot4ku_br @animando_animei @anime_loooovers @allanime010 @jarbas_killua_ @prefiroanimes @anime_zando @cantinho_otaku @animes_mania1 @kojinight_408 @otakinstyle @animexfrases @4kabras @otakobr @anim3word_sz @otome_sincera @0takulogia @otaku100nocao @anime_hii . .

Spent some time writing my dissertation and then met up with this babe!!! 💙 Coaching has given me a lot of things, but one of my favs is being surrounded and supported by amazing women who just want to change lives together! 💙 This is Cynthia!! She’s my salsa-dancing queen who reached her goal weight with our nutrition program, she’s become more mindful with her nutrition, and now she’s helping other men and women do the same! 💙 She’s taught me so much and has been such a joy and blessing to work with! One of my favorite moments with Cynthia is seeing her face literally light up when she talks about her bootcampers and all the progress they’re seeing! She gets so excited and it’s so inspiring! 💙 Here’s to being the CEO of our own businesses and crushing it!!

💙💙3 WEEKS 💙💙 until MOTION is alive and available all across the internets! ACK I can’t believe we are only 3 weeks away. I am so in love with these characters, and I’ve had the best time writing these books! Abram is just the best 😍 and Mona is so strange I love her. Do I have any slow burn romance fans? Because this is a snail pace slow burn 🐌 I’m warning you now people... SNAIL PACE! If you haven’t pre-ordered, links are in my bio! Does anyone want an ARC of MOTION?! 1. 👍 2. I want to see your favorite emojis 🦠🧬🧪 Double those chances by spreading the weird word to a friend!

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Well it looks like Game Freak has decided to open its newest titles to other platforms! PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will all be able to play the upcoming Giga Wrecker. Who else is excited to see Game Freak opening up to other consoles?

Bringing some Gotham love to @thefrankfortcon this Saturday! My good friend, @shadowbritecosplay , and myself will have booths so come and say hi! I will be set up with my art and be offering discounted prints and comics. Jenn is a guest cosplayer and will have prints for a variety of her cosplays available to purchase along with her adorable felt creations. She Will also be doing panels on different topics involving cosplay so be sure to check those out! Representing the @cosplay_and_babes @miccostumes

E meu domingão hoje foi na Paulista e Toyshow... Passe para o lado para mais fotos 💕⏩ Conheci o queridissimo @wendel_bezerra na @toyshowcolecionaveis quase na hora dele ir embora, mas foi melhor assim, pois a atenção foi exclusiva 😍 mt obrigada pela atenção e simpatia grande sucesso!!!💝 Encontrei a gatona da @hernandesaninha lendo Tarô na Paulista 😘🙏 O Chewbaca safadao da Toyshow 😂 E @bruceandersonprado e eu nos divertimos muito pela Paulista e Toyshow 💘 só faltou o presente de níver dele que fomos buscar, Funko Pop do Freddy Mercury, que comprei na pré estréia, mas chega só em Abril e eu não sabia, sorry 😩 Mas fora isso foi um domingo mt alto astral, ate uma chuvinha caiu pra refrescar esse tempo abafado! Por mais finais de semana assim! 😅💕