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نقل جميع نتائج المباريات و اخبار الدوريات العالمية و المحلية و الاندية العالمية و المحلية و انتقاد جميع الاعلامين الفاشلين و المدربين المحلين و الاجنبين . . . . . . . . . . .

"There are layers to understanding all things," said Sotha Sil. "The common man looks at an object and fits it into a place in his way of thinking. Those skilled in the Old Ways, in the way of the Psijic, in Mysticism, can see an object and identify it by its proper role. But one more layer is needed to be peeled back to achieve understanding. You must identify the object by its role and its truth and interpret that meaning." - - - - ______________________ ______________________

I'm obviously a big fan of classic monoblack MtG art, but if anyone is going to be on a list of favorite artists outside that color it's going to be Brom. Just look at how deranged he looks. I wish the card were more playable, because it is such sick art.

I’m a day late but happy mamba day. Kobe Bryant was my first athlete icon from a young age and is a perfect example of dedication and drive. RESPECT TO MY GOAT 🐐 8:24 @kobebryant ———————————————————— ‼️ DM’s are open ‼️ 🖤 Circle stays small 🖤 🤙🏼 I post what I want 🤙🏼 ————————————————————

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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Besides the grappling hook, this was a clean 5 kill clip. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share! I livestream at twitch.tv/my reactions

Can you say C L U T C H? Plus I CHALLENGE THOSE. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share. I stream on twitch at 8 PM EST most nights at twitch.tv/myreactions

LOOK! I’M SPIDER-MAN! This clip is really old and I feel like my movement and aim is pretty bad in it. I can see the improvement that I’ve made.

When you have a group project and do everything, but everybody gets an A (sorry Matt). This is a really old picture before season 1 started. My teammates died at the very beginning, and 4 other squads prevented me from reviving them. Still got the win though. I stream most nights on twitch, starting around 8 p.m. EST