NEW GOAL: Shera L. Greenwood Wedding Dress As mentioned, I've set a new goal! I love Shera so much and I loved watching this anime! It's so cute and funny! X3 I could write long stories about this, but let's keep it short! I'm going to use high quality material for this dress, that's why it's so expensive >< I will set up new sets every month. You are able to buy them and get the rewards. Every coffee you offer for those sets, will be used for the Shera cosplay :) Please support me with this project! X3 we can as much fun as we had with Sonico x3

-I just wanted to send a Happy New Year's shout out to all my EXPERIENCED beings out there! Have a Great, but Safe time. This is the new, Indigo G logo, that I think I'm going to spark up 2019 with! (Comments would be Appreciated) -There is going to be a lot of new fashion products coming your way this year so let's make it a good one all around for everyone.

We would like to wish everyone a happy and fulfilling New Year! Thought we would make it fun by reposting us goofing off doing the "Step Brother's" pose....meh. "A" for effort... Let's make 2019 great by doing more collaborations and photo shoots. I have so many ideas in mind, don't hesitate to reach out and see how we can work together to make these ideas a reality. This year is ending with some of OUR work getting published. I stress OUR because we can't do what we do without you, the Cosplayer. My intention is to get more of your work published because you all put your heart and soul into your creativity.

And the next WIP! X3 I really like the outcome x3 Unfortunately I wasn't able to sew the plush on the bra. With all the fabric layers it was just to thick for my sewing machine and for my fingers x"D So I glued it on. I will sew enough when finishing the cape, so why not 🤷‍♀️ 💕 💕