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Not the best but a girl gotta try atleast . @wetnwildbeauty photofocus foundation . @toofaced born this way setting powder . @elfcosmetics contour palette . @essencemakeup make me brow eyebrow gel mascara . @hudabeauty new nude palette . @nyxcosmetics colored felt tip liner . @wish max volume mascara black .

Suddenly Winter Came

an even older design for a "snow elf" based on Skyrim kind of


“I have seen the dark future for our people... a future where mortals have cast dreams aside and live in despair; a world with no place for us or for anyone who dares to dream “ 🍂 Though House Eiluned is definitely not my favorite one it was a pleasure to portray Eiluned. The dress by @faeryx13_cosplay The photo by @faun_photo

Ok I usually never ask for opinions but I'm curious! What kind of video games do you guys enjoy? Do you like lore-based games, is it more about gameplay, artwork, music, character development, a little bit of everything? What is something you look for in a game? What makes you wanna buy the game or play it? Sorry for the questions I'm actually curious what people like or look for in a video game.

Taurus Crown🐃🌹Link in bio to shop!🎁

A couple people have suggested I make tutorials, sooo I'm giving it a try~  The hardest part is definitely getting each eye shot to be at the same angle, haha.  Let me know what you guys think! . . . ~//*Products Used*\\~ @maybelline Fit Me concealer @heatherloucosmetics Toni Marie palette shadows @bhcosmetics liquid eyeliner @elfcosmetics Intense Ink eyeliner @maybelline Master Drama pencil eyeliner @nyxcosmetics Jumbo pencil in Milk Iridescent and black stars from eBay . . .

🐉Just got my skyrim armor in the game again! That makes it the 4th time I’ve played the nightingale quest! My favorite🐦also we did another Skyrim photo shoot this weekend & I’m releasing them only on patreon for $1 tiers & up! Please check it out if you haven’t. I froze my buns off lol!⚔️🖤 . . . .

AQUI O CLIENTE É O ARTISTA!! 🔸🔸 LUBRIFICANTES EM GERAL 🔸🔸 🔹 Filtro de óleo 🔹 Filtro de ar 🔹 Filtro de combustível 🔹 Filtro de cabine 🔹 Baterias 🔹 Palhetas de chuva 🔹 Troca de óleo de câmbio manual 📍 Estamos localizados na RUA TAMOTSU IWASSE, 16 - VILA NOVA BONSUCESSO - GUARULHOS/ SP 📞 11 4963-2020 / 4963-1010 📲 11 95925-6045 - WhatsApp

"Heartbreaker says it's our destiny to kill someone specific. Would the fates truly be so cruel...?" 📸Erin Lind Photography on facebook Backstoryyyyyy dun-dun-duuuunnnnn. But that's all you're getting. Heartbreaker is the name of her dwarven crafted rapier with a 'moonstone' in the hilt. Once the stone was set, the sword became sentient. His favourite thing to talk about is relationships, and his absolute favourites are the ones that aren't meant to be.