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🚨Attention all TIKTOK fans🚨, I understand, you have a big question⁉️: Why do good girls👩, like❤ bad guys👨? Alright, I have the answer👍. But first, I need the 16 numbers on your credit card💳, the 3 wacky numbers 🔢on the back, and the expiration month and year, but hurry❗. My mom🙍‍♀️ is coming upstairs⬆️ and she doesn't like it😡 when I talk to strangers👥 on the internet🌐. So, I will use the money💵, to move out of this hellhole👺👹👿😈. So, cough it up💵💵💵💵. * * * * * * *

You need to be Number 1 in size too....