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The assumed look of the moon goddess, Luna. Scientists may have found proof of the existence of gods and goddesses, but they don’t know what they look like exactly. They aren’t even sure the references people have claiming they saw a god or goddess are accurate. It’s possible they could’ve even hid what they truely looked like. ————— I love this picture! It just came into my head and bam! Here ya go. Also, I know many are probably thinking: “Luna? Really? Out of all the other extravagant moon names you chose—“ ALL in good time, my friends. EVERYTHING will be EXPLAINED in time...

首次嘗試用色鉛筆畫甜點🧁🖍找圖片來作畫。 往右滑可以看到原始圖跟找的圖對比一下。 Flipper’s 日本才有在賣的哦,台灣目前還無販售,喜歡跟好奇味道的,去日本遊玩時,一定要去嘗試看看哦!(雖然我也沒吃過哈哈哈😂) 第一排口味如下👇🏻左至右: 🌰🍫 🍫🍫 🥞🍓 第二排口味如下👇🏻左至右: 🌰🍫 🍊🍫 🥞🍓

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i’ve been falling hard for textures lately and can’t help but use them anywhere i can. also, i’m frequently pleasantly surprised at the genuine feel of hand drawing my pieces. maybe i should hone in on this.

🍭Out this week: Pink BLEEKER Spirit Candle 🍭featuring the Snake Pizza Design 🐍🍕 . . Light the pink candle for affection, love and femininity 🌸💗

30"x15" canvas piece work in progress... Yup it wasn't talking right, so I went over it again to get a fresh start...

Monday mode @panzeri1947 💡

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