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I once watched a video of Dr. King marching where he was so physically exhausted that the two men that he had locked arms with in solidarity were literally carrying him. 😢😢😢 On days like today I think about all times that he marched (including marching for fair housing in Chicago and near suburbs), I think about him having rocks thrown at him, I think about the times that he was spit on, called nigger, jailed, slammed on lunch countertops, the time away from his wife and young family or the countless degrading acts of discrimination that this man had to endure over the course of his life. 🤔🤔🤔 On days like today I wonder if while he was sacrificing and fighting for people of all creeds and colors if today’s America is what he saw in his dreams. 🤔🤔🤔 Lastly, I also wonder if he had to do it all over again if he would be willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for this version of America. I wonder 🤔🤔🤔. Dr. King thank you for your sacrifice sir!

One of these days I knew I’d look like @sonicthehedgehog 📸: @claudiodnora @rightvisual


This is a picture of me dancing with @lenzyb and @hautemommie in December of 2006 at LIV nightclub in Washington, D.C. _ At the time that this picture was taken I didn’t know either of them personally. We were all just having fun being young and free 🙌🏽 _ Fast forward to January of 2019.....Leslie and I are both wives and mothers. This weekend, we spent 4 HOURS FaceTiming talking about motherhood, womanhood, and being in support of each other’s awesomeness! _ The importance of selflessly supporting your God given family is magical. Cheers to the beauty of friendship, sisterhood, and the illustrious Howard University 🔴🔵

Apakah anda memiliki masalah pada payudara anda? - - ▶ Alat MHCA yg merupakan Alat gabungan dari Teknologi German dan titik akupuntur China serta Sudah mendapatkan banyak sertifikat dan penghargaan Internasional , Alat ini sangat dianjurkan buat Payudara yang berfungsi :. ▶Memperbesar dan Memperkencang Payudara serta membuat Payudara jadi lebih Indah dan Mulus lewat perawatan kesehatan laser, pijat vibrasi ke bagian payudara. ▶Membentuk Puting Payudara agar tidak tenggelam kedalam sekaligus Memerahkan warna Puting nya. ▶Menarik Payudara keatas sehingga terlihat Padat dan Berisi. ▶Mempertahankan Bentuk Payudara agar tetap TEGAK, KENCANG, DAN INDAH DILIHAT. -

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Family is everything to me. - You need work-life balance. To continue to be successful, I need to travel often. I have created the freedom in my life to enable me to travel for work, but also spend time with my family. I want everyone to be able to spend more time with their family, and the best way to do that is to build it yourself. I am in a position where I don't let my work dictate my life. I control how and when I work. - If you want to know how I accomplished this click the link in my bio. You'll be able to learn my 5 tips as to how I created the freedom to enjoy moments like these with my family.


Tofu gettin in on that kicking action