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Ni yo estoy en el mundo para cumplir tus expectativas ni tú estás en el mundo para cumplir las mías - Bruce Lee • N O E D I T • © Alba Rodríguez Pardo 2019

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Береги своих демонов, ведь когда тебе станет скучно, к кому ты обратишься??) 😈🌟😉 . (с)

I set out to double my blog's views in six months and I did it! I like to focus on what I'm passionate about and growth rather than numbers but I do think it's important to set goals. Thank you all for supporting me and the Star Wars content that I create. I love what I do so much and I love you all!

This one is very abstract but it's actually another Star Wars-Inspired Design. I call the print "Neon Desth Star". . . It is from a backdrop of a Death Star hallway side-lit by a gigantic colorful stained glass window. (501st troop at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY a while back.) I bumped up the contrast and saturation to bring out the color overlay; I love exaggerating colors in my photography to make something a bit more surreal, or to bring out underlying colors. . . So it's kind of secretly nerdy, but you can see it if you're looking for it 😊 . . (Psst... this is in our