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Throwback to last month. This is the video by which I got some acknowledgement from my teacher. He said I finally succeeded in SLOWING DOWN. I've spent years understanding what 'slowing down' really means. I initially thought it to be 'slowing down the speed of moves' or 'doing pops after beat', but it is not. My current understanding becomes this: 1. Do not expect any upcoming beats, rhythm, or sound effects you already know. 2. Instead just focus on how to express the current music flow you are hearing. 3. Whatever body pose you are holding, do not try to restart from another irrelavant pose unless the feeling of music changes. Always try to connect to the next move from the current move, while keeping musicality at the same time. 4. LAB while freestyling. No matter how ugly or illogical a new move is, take it seriously. The most magical fact is - if you take it seriously, concentrate more power, emotion and speed control on the move, and makes it merge into the music, it always looks GOOD even though it does not make any logical sense. MUSIC IS THE KEY. Do not expect music, but focus on it, and focus on every move at every moment of ur freestyling. That's what 'slowing down' means for me. More videos coming~ . . . . .
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GRACIAS por hacer de mi música parte de sus días y aventuras. Vamos por mas Fam 😊🙏🏼
Mike Tyson let’s you dance before you go down... 🕺🏽💃🏽
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DJ KAYY, DJ ROB AND BLING BACK AGAIN THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 15💥🔥 It's OPEN BAR all night long EVERY SATURDAY for your holiday pleasure. THE TRAP DEALS: Walkins: 10:00 pm -11:00 pm 20$ OPEN BAR REGULAR 11:00 pm and on: Girls 23$ OPEN BAR REGULAR Guys 30$ OPEN BAR REGULAR Tables: 30$ OPEN BAR REGULAR Minimum 6 pax Lounges: 40$ OPEN BAR PREMIUM Minimum 12 pax FOR RSVP : 71 20 23 20 Doors open at 10:00 PM Lets trap this Christmas spirit and groove.
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