"The grave cannot hold me." - Reaper (Overwatch). . . Cosplayer: TBD Con: @centralfloridacomiccon

Ой, да зачем стоять на роликах, если можно присесть? 😐 Вообще, я толком на них даже не стою, не то что кататься 😅 Приз с Суркона даже давал мне возможность нахаляву потренироваться на роллердроме, но я ее проебал 😐

Hey Panics! So during this weekend and today I finished my first three cosplays of the year . I'm so happy and they are kinda neater sewing too 😱 I can't wait to get my new phone for proper photos of these cosplays !

Sorry being all quiet. Reallive keeps me busy but there is stuff in the works. Wanna see some more photos of this shooting? Well I just uploaded all of it to Facebook so here you go: https://goo.gl/V4cTJi  Cosplay: Kakashi Hatake & Rin Nohara Cosplayer: @kashi_mt & @bambi__cosplay Series: Naruto  

Ahh I meet so many amazing people at ABQCC. You were all so sweet and I loved getting to talk to all of you!! Here is an adorable photo of me and @lostmooncosplay taken by @nicsnerdcave in the middle of artist alley. My wig is from @ardawigs and the dress is from @uwowo_cosplay

Sadly can't take pictures with both paws on so here's a single pawed nyan

I know I post Fugo alot but hes the one I feel most confident in??? Plus hes the most comfy to wear to do photos

😍 HIYA! Rikku Time! 😍 . No further progress to show yet so i'll give you another picture of Rikku at Ibiza instead! . I'm currently plastidipping all the armor pieces of Aurora, might take a while 😊 . . ------------------------------------------ Love my work? ❤ Consider supporting me on Ko-Fi. Current saving goal: Flexible arm mobile holder. . >>> Link in my Bio <<< . .

"You're all sick. And you need a cure." ________________________________________________ Finally got around testing ma boi Chisaki and I'm really glad of how the make-up turned out this time ♡ I did something a little similar as with my Shinsou and I think I'll keep practicing this style too. What do you think? ~ ________________________________________________

Dazai's favorite position 🌚 Are you tired of skk yet? I'm not xD . This picture is especially pretty because it showcases my good side 👌🏻 and @janath_cosplay is just soo damn gorgeous as Dazai. I think we both had lots of fun shooting this picture 😏 . Dazai: @janath_cosplay 📸 & Edit.: @laecia_photography as always, Laecia's pictures are just perfection 💕 . .

Swipe for seRiOus cOntenT !!! ❤ going back to my fav part of cosplay which is bodypainting . Undertale isnt deaf so underswap neither!! Have some pics of my Swap!Undyne cosplay uwu . . I didnt photoshop my neck and all bcuz I want us to be honest to each other tho, let's just break pErFeCt pHotOs trend . Enjoy! 💖 . . . .

“I’m immortal! Actually I can’t afford to die. I’ve got a troublesome princess to look after” - Hak from Akatsuki no Yona First photo of my casual photoshoot! Big thank you to @minedoko for the cosplay and for being my photographer (she did quite a good job with my photography equipment). Also a big thanks to my husbando @the.bear.lord for the props 💙💖 . . .

. 【Limited】This picture is only seen here in Instagram! . 【限定公開】 Instagramで見れるのはここだけ! Twitterで人気のコスプレイヤーさんを 紹介させていただく【ツイコス図鑑】🕊💫 .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 今回ご紹介しますコスプレイヤーさんは 雪代さん です! Twitter: ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪@yosinoyukisiro ‬ . 色白で透明感ある期待の新人関西レイヤー✨ スラッとしたスタイルにどきっとしますね🥰 . 今後の活躍にも期待ですね💥 素敵な投稿ありがとうございました! . ー-ー-ー-ー-ーー-ー-ー-ー-ー-ー-ー ▽掲載ご希望の方は▽ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔︎ @cosbeauty_story のタグ付けをお願いします! . Everyday pick up beautiful cosplay photo. tag me and post your cosplay pic. . 매일 아름다운 코스프레 사진을 찍습니다. 태그를 붙이고, 당신의 코스프레 사진을 게시합니다. . 我每天都拍摄精美的cosplay照片。 请标记并发布您的cosplay图片。 ー-ー-ー-ー-ーー-ー-ー-ー-ー-ー-ー