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Did you think a kid could could be as professional as me? I told you when we first met, Henry! Now you understand it slowly. I decide who can live and who is not. I can give you everything, but I also can take everything from you. If someone have to die, I decide where and when. If you want, I will show you what real power is. One way or another I always get what I want. 🖕 At the hotel, the receptionists said a kid was looking for me. It wasn't Patrick because I talked to him earlier. Beverly also couldn't be, because it wasn't a girl. I knew in this case who was the only one who could look for me. He didn't tell me that Oscar beat him again. He also doesn't want to tell me why he's not happy with Patrick's return. No problem. But by the time I find out, I'll find the clown by then.