These four are troopers. Last weekend, Mox was sick and this weekend, Daddy was. Two weekends of just plain old inside fun 😳 Thankful that they don’t mind and when things get a little boring, there’s always Snapchat 😜🤷🏻‍♀️

@antoniiogarza ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

@90kuma90kazu90 Yahoooooo, thank you for this Kuma-san! Love it! 😍 Let's support talented artists like Kuma-san, minna-san! Head over to @90kuma90kazu90's page and tap the FOLLOW button! 😊 Plenty of cute caricatures in there of famous people as well as popular characters 😁

Here it's the colored version of my last post (sketch) I posted few days ago... I was working on this so long.... 😂. Since it's my first time with digital painting ... That's why it took me so long>>>> But it's worth it .... I love the outcome 😊 tell me what you think comment section 😇 . Tag her @mrunu . . Artwork by @shekhar.h2 or me😂 👉 COMMISSION: If you want your cartoonic character or character design like this, message me or let me know in comment section 💰

Here it's the Character design of my favourite illustrator @wildwither .... I love her illustrations they all are very unique and something new everytime 😘😘😘 . . Tag her in comment section plz☺ ... I hope she like it😊 . . How is it guys?🤗 Artwork by @shekhar.h2 or me 😂 👉 COMMISSION: If you want your character design, message me or let me know in comment section.💰

One of my favourite artist @artbybianca "PAINTER" 🖌..... I feel she is a very positive person 😍😍 I wanted to draw her Character design on her birthday🎂, but I missed it😢. Now, Finally I did it🤘🤘🤘💗 I hope she like it😘😘. . . . How is it guys?☺ Artwork by @shekhar.h2 or me😂 👉COMMISSION: If you want your character design , message me or let me know in comment section. 💰 Tag her in comment section.😊

Another one with @melvnin Her whole aesthetic is just beautiful

So, Here it's my New year first post with a new content "Character design of people" or you can say "Cartoonize Version of people" 😇 She is @mrunu "The Gujju Unicorn" .... She is damn cute and beautiful but Personally I love her Smile😍. I can't describe my feelings about her in this description box. Btw it's a full ball point pen artwork!✍ . . . Artwork by @shekhar.h2 Commission open: Cartoonize yourself !💰 Tag her in the comment section! And Let me know how is it?😘☺

My 2016 artwork for @taylorswift 😂😍 . (my artist name used to be "mscomicgirl" but i find it too girly and cringey whenever my relatives asks for my artist name. lol)