I’m literally freezing. 🥶❄️

Youngest is going on an outdoor ed trip with his class. He is completely packed THIRTY SIX HOURS early! Think he is excited? UPDATE:. and he has a SNOW DAY today due to blizzard conditions. The kids can help me devise new colors for our shoelaces. Yeah!

Well.....Winter has officially started with our First Snow Storm! ❄️ ⛄️ . . Need some helpful driving tips⁉️ We are here to help!! . . Click the link below to assist with Winter Driving Tips! Stay safe on the road! 🚘 . . https://www.grimsbyford.com/winter_driving_tips.htm . . ☎️905-945-4171

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Little happiness, what a glorious morning surprise! ▫️ 〰️ I have always loved the snow. Where I come from ( by the sea ) we don’t have snow blizzards, perhaps only in the interior of Portugal, and even so is mainly in the highest places. ▫️ 〰️ But deep snow, making that crunchy sound on the ground, falling in my face, for me, this is like Christmas ☺️⭐️. (I know, for those who are driving it’s a risk.) * * * *