F I K A 💚

Plus size floral embroidery mesh cup black women babydoll lingerie, comes with 1 dress + g string. 7 sizes (M, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL) available, packing with nice paper box. Link for this delicate babydoll dress https://www.ohyeahlady.com/en/html/prod_detail/Product_15412.html * Item code R80318P * Material: 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex

I lost you several lives back and accidentally met again, this, of course, is still an adventure. I know you as myself, I remember all your peculiarities, I am moved by all that others call your "heavy" character. They simply do not know that this is only a defensive reaction - a great genetic recalcitrance to me, in the eyes of which you can see lightning, “Do not climb, will kill!”. Who can not see the signs, usually complains of a difficult fate, fateful meetings or sick love, and I would advise you to just listen to your heart and try never to touch someone else's. That is why I do not like when someone encroaches on mine. And you are exactly mine, and there is no doubt about it. True, I do not think that I have at least some choice. Just the depth of love does not come with age, the depth of love, in my case, always leads me only to you.

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My very first burlesque performance as part of @dieseldarling_ ‘s troupe Diesel’s Darlings. We are now The Darlings still using our beloved Diesel’s name, and we still are loving our troupe work as much as our solo work. This was almost three years ago, we’ve come a long way baby ;) . . I didn’t strip down that much for this, to a black slip, now we’re off to Adelaide Fringe performing our own work for @vcpgorelesque next months

Modelo: @europazhestokova_12 Estudio: @studiocentral_on_off

No drinking till Australia so basically Green Tea for the next 3 months. Also please appreciate my Law & Order SVU mug. That came from the actual Law & Order studio.

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Admiring this gorgeous photo as we kick off another busy week over here . . . . . . Venue: @luxmoregrande | Photography: @bb_by_bumby | Boots: @houseofelliotboudoir | Lingerie: @nk_imode | Hair & Makeup: @glamhairmakeup | Rentals: @mimosasandmoonshine | Model: @chaseshellee

It’s been a while.... 🤷‍♀️ Stepping outside that comfort zone What a head. - Every time I shoot it’s always the same problem. I can position my body alright but from the neck up I’m clueless. Don’t even get me started on facial expressions, unless it’s that Harley smile haha 😅 I need more practice 🤗 - Also running low on content... can you tell? - By @cospixbyart -