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Despite conventional wisdom having big breasts can actually be pretty inconvenient. As a large-chested person myself, I can't tell you how many times I've looked down and noticed one of my buttons had popped open. Or how many times I imprisoned myself and got desperate by trying to find the perfect swimwear or underwear... Of course, there are some benefits. But even if you love your boobs in all their glory, there are certain things everyone with big breasts can relate to. Issues I was dealing with: - button up shirts - back pain - back pain which caused neck pain which also caused migraine - bra shopping - incisions caused by bras - swim suits shopping - dresses that fits you perfectly, but whatever you wear, it comes over vulgar - guys: is a explanation really needed? - any long necklace gets swallowed between your boobs - anything flowy makes you look pregnant - backless clothing is not an option - sleeping on your stomach is almost impossible - you even make a tshirt looks scandalous - when food falls in between your boobs and gets lost.. - friends wanting to touch your boobs (okay but this is hilarious) I extremely respect big breasted women and what their go through. But I decided that I don't want to deal with these problems daily, so I got a surgical breast reduction. So now after letting the cat out of the bag, I feel newborn again.