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Fan Expo was a blast, but it’s time to go back to reality! Here are some of my favorite moments from this weekend! - - - - Check out my gaming partner for more awesome content: @deadbeatgamer Subscribe to my channel: YouTube.com/liteweightgaming Become a Patron and support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/liteweightgames Follow me on Twitter: LiteWeightGames Rock your own LiteWeight Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/liteweight-gaming Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/MWNawjz - - - TAGS:

2 YEARS . So after 2 years of having this account, there’s not very much I haven’t really said. It’s been a quite strange ‘journey’ especially on the internal half. I’ve had people try and have me deleted, people try and get in my way, but I’m still here going strong. I don’t want to elongate this so I’ll end it by saying thank you to those who are following and extra thanks to those who have stuck around. I can’t go into some things but this account has had a positive impact on me and it’s you guys who have made that a thing. So here’s to another year and hopefully more. ~Gree . Backup/Halo: @spartan_noble_six . Follow my partners: @bobafett_80 @legosithlord @legolouisiana @spartan.jerome @sgt.gunslinger @oakbricks @bohemian.bricks @echoalive122_ @t_mouse_schmit . IGNORE:

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Baytrooper found his forever home today @hubcitycomiccon

GameStop stores are putting the exclusive 6 inch Black Series Imperial Jumptrooper figure on clearance for $5! Credit @the_fig_father41

This is when I call Anakin for help

Glam shot look at the Loungefly Sith Trooper backpack! Thanks @starwarscollector.de

Happy Sunday ladies and gents! The past couple weeks have been a whirl wind of fun adventures and finding out more about my abdominal pains ✌🏼 . I celebrated my birthday this past weekend! Had my first outing to the @oregonzoo and stared at the Black Bears 🐾 for a good 30 mins at least! Seriously, they’re amazing creatures and I hadn’t ever seen them in real life before 😳 I also had my first outing with the 501st! While I’m not a member just yet (still working on my costume for approval) I can pitch in and Spot for the costumed members 🤗✌🏼💕 It’s kind of like being a bouncer, and making sure all the wee human children get those interaction opportunities! I snapped the above picture of one of the Stormtroopers I was Spotting for during Dash for Kids at the @portlandraceway . How do you guys find the motivation to start back up at the gym? I found out that my acute, intense abdominal pain is related to a complication with my IUD placement... 😓 Everything’s much better now, but I’ve fallen behind on my Physical Exercises and am having a beast of a time getting back into the swing of it again! Halp! 🤗✌🏼🌸💜 . . .

Throwback to when my account was just getting started. Thanks again for the awesome support all! Follow the 17th! @17th_prussian_reserve @schutzen_1916

My mixed media pieces all started with practicing my signature, testing markers and doodling on my own artwork at shows. ☠️

Jedicon São Paulo 2011