Wookies are large, furry bipeds that are usually two meters tall. They are from the planet

#kashyyyk and have very few communities outside their home world. Capable of living for centuries, #wookies have, among other things, remarkable recovery capabilities, and are able to survive very serious injuries. They also have long retractile claws, which they mainly use to cling to the dense vegetation of Kashyyyk. Their honor, however, strictly forbids them to use these claws as weapons during a fight. One can easily imagine the formidable opponent that would be a #wookie with a "lesser" honor. For the fight Wookies speciality and found only in their hands. Their world is a jungle of giant trees, called wroshrys trees where predators and even plants are more and more dangerous as one goes down to the ground, which no one has ever come back from elsewhere. Wookies live in tree-dwellings built on wroshrys, and while, externaly, their cities may seem primitive, they are in fact perfectly integrated into their world and endowed with the most modern technology. Due to their great physical strength and following some information that they were hostile to the #empire it military occupied the planet Kashyyyk and so not a day went by without dozens of Wookies accused of a minor offense are enslaved and shipped to the other worlds. A number of slavery organizations were also picking up a number of Wookies with their hands and kidnappings, but this kind of operation was much more dangerous to realize than one might think. The sworn enemies of the Wookies, the Trandoshans, at this time made it a pleasure to hunt and capture the Wookies. #stormtrooper #trandoshans #starwars #a #star #star #honor #mandalorian #maul #padme #planet #palpatine
Here’s a look at my First Order Heavy Assault Stormtrooper collection! 2 of these guys are from 2x of the 2016 First Order Battle Packs and the other 2 are from 2x of the 2016 First Order Stormtrooper Polybags. The differences between the two are minimal - the ones from the polybag have an extra two black ammo pouches on their torso along with a small brick-built backpack, while the ones from the Battle Pack don’t have these features. The Polybag was released as part of 2016’s May the Forth promotion - this was met with some controversy due to the fact it was just a subtle design upgrade and not a brand new minifigure as seen for previous May the Forth promotions. . What did you think about 2016’s May the Forth figure?! Let me know in the comments!! . Make sure to like and follow @jb_bricks for all things

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You know how I have A New Hope poster? I kinda want this as a poster too because I mean just look at how awesome it is! Look at vader in the back! - - - Credit: @starwarsonline - - Follow my partners: - @rexster_studios @masteryodaoftheorder1 @gree01 @starwarsdoctrine @fortherebelalliance - - -

Why isn’t the clone wars in the bottom right 😖 Credit: @b1.battle_droid_memes

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A closer look at our Abbey Rogue print available on Amazon

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Paper size comparison between the Abbey Rogue print and a normal piece of paper

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Our logo on our Abbey Rogue print available on Amazon

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