Any other KoTOR fans out there? - Not gonna lie, the KoTOR games very quickly have become my all-time favorite star Wars games to date.

Little piece of a choreography!

Gente muy linda y la experiencia maravillosa💓 . barris offe @myanonymous666 . Aayla secura @_keshu_ . shaak ti (felucia) @ryukosancosplay . Anakin skywalker @duelista_kaleb . Darth maul @mauritozabrakcosplay . Shaak ti sith (yo) . Scouttrooper @chaskass . Seventh sister @la_gaby._ .

@kagenohebi is the Lord of Pain, Darth Sion, and based on the background of this day, he's quite the method actor as well! ✳️ My first cosplay competition (novice @narcon ) turned out... ok. One shoe broke on stage, a glitch in the soundboard disabled the sound effects of my lightsaber and the weather ( 34 degrees of blistering heat) made sure that the 5 hours spent in make up turned out even worse than my skills could manage! It was still great fun though, met a lot of amazing and inspiring cosplayers. Will compete again and continue to improve my Sion (make the boots in leather so I can walk in them and solve the make up issue ( lack of skill and copious amounts of sweat makes body painting and make up difficult). My next cosplay efter Sion will be someone more uhm... Faithful. ✳️✳️✳️

"The war left its scars on all of us." - Captain Rex . Welcome, dear weekend! I missed you! :D I thought it was time for another Star Wars picture. Last december I had a great photoshooting with YOKAE Pictures wearing my Nightsister, Darth Kaleen! The weather was hell, it was raining almost non-stop, but we pulled through and she managed to take some awesome shots. <3 Here's another proof of her skills! Funfact: We tried out this pose and the first sentence that came to our minds was from the Deadpool movie: "She's gonna do a superhero landing! Wait for it! Superhero landing!"😂💪 . Next picture: what would you like to see? Shooting picture of Azula or Barbie or rather some progress on Belle? :) . Photo and edit by @yokaepictures Location: Ingolstadt Cosplay made and worn by me~ @Celia_Cosplay Character: Star Wars Own Creation "Darth Kaleen" Lightsaber by Vader's Vault Coat by Dark Dreams Used make up: Kiomi Aquacolor (@myCostumes) .

Geared up and took a few test pics. The clasp on my cloak is broken, so I tried wearing a Sith robe under the armor. It helps show off the back plate, but it's too hot, the sleeves need to be modified, and puffs out from under the belt, making me look fatter than I already am. Lol

Would you mind if @queenvadersithgoddess wore the helmet? It gives her great power.